How important are morning prayers?

To get up in the morning to pray, is a powerful secret to succeed

*Prayer is a powerful weapon, this weapon is in your hand, and its power is in your mouth, so get up and use the power of prayer, which will endow you with the power from on high.*

*To get up in the morning to pray, is a powerful secret to succeed, to obtain Power and Grace from His Source.*

*God's beloved share this message with our friends so that we are in the habit of putting God in the first position everyday in our lives.*

*We humble  ourselves before God that we may never grow so proud as to think we can do without God or religion.

*How important are morning prayers?*

The answer is in these 13 points:

*1) Morning prayer is very important because you meet God before meeting the devil.*

*2) You meet God before meeting the circumstances of life.*

*3) You talk to God before talking to men.*

*4) Communicate with God before your fellowship with others.*

*5) You hear news from Heaven before receiving news from the earth.*

*6) You sit before God before sitting in front of men.*

*7) You kneel before God before kneeling before men.*

*8) You honor God before honoring men.*

*9) You enter the presence of God, before entering the presence of men.*

*10) You nourish your spirit before feeding your body.*

*11) You call Jesus before calling all the other little names in the world.*

*12) You first look at Jesus Christ before looking at yourself in the mirror.*

*13) Sweep your heart with impurities before sweeping your house.*

*So, beloved, wake up, communicate with your Lord Jesus Christ!*

Remember to greet your Mother and  Pray to her
Our Lady of Perpetual Help

That she may give us courage in our difficulties.
When hurt and tempted to take revenge.
That we may be pure in thought , word and deed
That if we fall into sin we may quickly return to Christ.
In time of sickness in the home.
In worries about financial difficulties.
In misunderstanding with those we love

When faced with difficult decisions.
When put to shame in front of others.
That we may forgive from our heart those who have hurt us
That we may not resort to drugs, drink or gambling as an escape from life
That parents and children may grow in understanding for one another
In choosing our entertainment and recreation.

O Mother of Perpetual Help * we come to you * and put our trust in you * You are a mother of mercy * You are called by all * the refuge and the hope of sinners; * be then our refuge and our hope * Help us for the love of Jesus Christ, * Stretch out your hand to us poor sinners. * We bless and thank God for giving us this confidence in you. * In the past we have so often sinned * but with your help we can conquer, * and you will help us if we pray to you. * In all our temptations * may we always turn to you and say: * Mary help me! * Let me never lose my God. Amen

Remember, O Most gracious Virgin Mary, * That never was it known,* That anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help * or sought thy intercession,* was left unaided * Inspired with this confidence,* I fly to thee, O virgin of Virgins, my Mother * To thee I come , * before thee I stand, * sinful and sorrowful, * O Mother of the world Incarnate * Despise not my petitions, * but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen

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