Our lady of Perpetual Help

Our lady of Perpetual Help

Diocese of Miri


The official set of prayers 
approved by the Catholic Church
propagate by the Redemptorist Priests


(Pray this Novena for nine days)


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest,
And in our Souls take up Thy rest,
Come with Thy grace and heavenly aid
To fill the hearts which Thou hast made.

O Comforter, to thee we cry,
Thou heav'nly Gift of God most High;
Thou fount of life, and fire of love,
And sweet anointing from above,
And sweet anointing from above.

O Holy Ghost, through thee alone,
Know we the Father and the Son;
Be this our ne er unchanging creed,
That thou dost from them both proceed,
That thou dost from them both proceed.

Spirit of God in the clear running water,
Blowing to greatness the trees on the hill,
Spirit of God in the finger of morning,
Fill the earth, bring it to birth and
blow where you will.

Blow, blow, blow till I be
But breath of the Spirit blowing in me

Spirit of God, every man's heart is lonely.
Watching and waiting and hungry until,
Spirit of God, man longs that you only
Fill the earth, bring it to birth and blow where You will.

Blow, blow, blow till I be
But breath of the Spirit blowing in me

Dear brothers and sisters, we are grateful to God for the many blessings we have received from Him, through the intercession of our Mother of Perpetual help. let us once more ask her to pray for us.


Response  after each petition prayer 

Help me, O loving Mother.

V  : That we may be faithful to prayer everyday of our lives.
V. : That you may give us courage in our difficulties.
V. : When hurt and tempted to take revenge.
V. : That we may be pure in thought , word and deed
V. : That if we fall into sin we may quickly return to Christ.

V. : In time of sickness in the home.
V. : In worries about financial difficulties.
V. : In misunderstanding with those we love
V. : That the Holy Spirit guide our young people in choosing their of life

V. : That those who rule our nation may act wisely, justly and for the good of all
V. : That workers may be justly rewarded for an honest day's work.

V. : That the Holy Spirit may give strength and courage to Pope N to lead the church of Christ.
V. : That we may never grow so proud as to think we can do without God or religion.
V. : That our deceased relatives and friends may share Christ 's glory forever.


V  : When faced with difficult decisions.
V. : When put to shame in front of others.
V. : That we may forgive from our heart those who have hurt us
V. : That we may not resort to drugs, drink or gambling as an escape from life

V. : That parents and children may grow in understanding for one another
V. : In choosing our entertainment and recreation.
V. : That young people may accept the challenge of the Christian faith
V. : That we may be blessed with an increase of priestly and religious vocations.

V. : That we may work for the just distribution of this world's goods
V. : That we may always take pride in doing our work well.
V. : That we may be community- minded and willing to serve others.

V. : That we may bring the knowledge of Christ to those who do not know Him.
V. : That many may accept Christ through Baptism.
V. : That we may die at peace with Christ and our fellow-men.

V. : That we may prepare like you for the coming of Christ at Christmas.
V. : That people may see Christ living again in us.

V. : That we may give our hearts completely to Christ this Christmas
V. : That we may appreciate Christ's love in becoming one of us

V. : That we may practice self denial and penance this Lent
V. : That we may have a deeper sorrow for sin

V. : That we may rejoice with you at Christ's Easter victory over sin
V. : That we may really believe that Christ is alive and with us

V. : That we may be filled with the Holy Spirit and be courageous witnesses of Christ
V. : That the Holy Spirit may move us to live a full Christian life

Let us pray for our Intentions......

Heavenly father * we ask you to hear our petitions * and grant them * through the prayers of Mary our Mother * Amen


Our lady shrine at Marudi

O Mother of Perpetual Help * we come to you * and put our trust in you * You are a mother of mercy * You are called by all * the refuge and the hope of sinners; * be then our refuge and our hope * Help us for the love of Jesus Christ, * Stretch out your hand to us poor sinners. * We bless and thank God for giving us this confidence in you. * In the past we have so often sinned * but with your help we can conquer, * and you will help us if we pray to you. * In all our temptations * may we always turn to you and say: * Mary help me! * Let me never lose my God. Amen


V : Let us join with the Christians of all ages, to praise Mary and place ourselves under her care.

R :  Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus, Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

V: Let us share with Mary her prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God.

My soul magnifies the Lord *
My spirit rejoices in God my Savior *
He looks on his servant in her nothingness;*
Henceforth all generations shall call me blessed *
The Almighty works marvels for me, *
Holy is his Name *
His mercy is from age to age *
On those who fear Him *
He put forth his arm in strength, *
and scattered the proud-hearted *
He casts the mighty from their thrones, *
and raises the lowly *
He fills the starving with good things, *
Send the rich away empty *
He protect Israel, his servant,*
The mercy promised to our fathers, *
For Abraham and his sons forever

V : Mary, you are the Mother of Christ.
R : And you are our Mother also.

Heavenly Father * we thank You with all our heart * for giving us Mary, to be our Mother, * She is so loving, so thoughtful * so understanding, so kind, * We thank you for her. Amen



(in accord with Liturgical Season)


Remember, O Most gracious Virgin Mary, * That never was it known,* That anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help * or sought thy intercession,* was left unaided * Inspired with this confidence,* I fly to thee, O virgin of Virgins, my Mother * To thee I come , * before thee I stand, * sinful and sorrowful, * O Mother of the world Incarnate * Despise not my petitions, * but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen

Prayer for the Sick
lord Jesus Christ * You bore our suffering and carried our sorrows, * hear our prayers for the sick. * help them to unite themselves with your sufferings, * and if it is your will, may they get better. * Let them never forget that you care for them.*  Amen

To gain the Plenary Indulgence pray for the Intentions of the Pope

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses , as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus , Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen


Mary, from thy sacred image,
With those eyes so sadly sweet,
Mother of perpetual Succour!
See us kneeling at thy feet.
In thy arms thy Child thou bearest
Source of all thy joy and woe;
What thy bliss, how deep thy sorrows,
Mother , thou alone canst know

On they face he is not gazing,
Nor on us is turned His glace;
For His anxious look he fixed
On the cross and reed and lance
To they hand His hands are clinging,
As a child would cling in fear
Of that vision of the torments
Of His Passion drawing near,

And for Him thine eyes are pleading,
while to us they look and cry;
"Sinners, see my child, your Saviour,
Who for love of you will die."
Yes, we hear they words, sweet Mother
But, poor sinners, we are weak;
At they feet they helpless children
They perpetual Succour seek.

Succour us when stormy passions
Sudden rise within our heart;
Quell the tempest, calm the billows.
Peace secure to us impart,
Through this life of weary exile
And when death shall come to free us,
Succour us, ah! then indeed.

Down in adoration falling,
This great Sacrament we hail;
Ancient types have long departed.
Newer rites of grace prevail.
Faith for all defects supplying
Where the feeble senses fail.

Glory let us give and blessing
To the Father and the Son,
Honor, might and praise addressing
While eternal ages run;
Equal praise to Him confessing
Who proceeds from Both as one

V : You have given them bread from heaven (Alleluia).
R : Having in itself all delight (Alleluia)

O God, in this wonderful Sacrament You have left us a memorial of your Passion. We  ask You to enable us to worship the sacred mysteries of Your Body and blood that we may constantly feel in our lives the effects of Your Redemption: You Who live and reign for ever and ever R : Amen

It is recommended that a short time be spent in silent prayer and adoration

Blessed be God
Blessed be His Holy Name
Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man
Blessed be the Name of Jesus
Blessed be His most Sacred Heart
Blessed be His Most Precious Blood
Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete
Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy
Blessed be her Holy and Immaculate Conception
Blessed be Her Glorious Assumption
Blessed be the Name of Mary, Virgin and Mother
Blessed be St. Joseph, her most chaste Spouse
Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.

Mother dearest, Mother Fairest,
Help of all who call on Thee,
Virgin Purest, brightest, rarest
Help us, help we cry to thee

Mary, Help us, help we pray
Mary, Help us, help we pray
Help us in all care and sorrow,
Mary, Help us, help we pray

2. Mary, help in pain and sorrow
Soothe those rack'd on bed of pain
May the golden light of morrow
Bring them health and joy again.

3. Mary, help the absent loved ones;
How we miss their presence here,
May the hand of Thy protection,
Guard and guide them far and near.

Grotto located at long San and long Palai


O come to the throne of grace

O come to the throne of grace,
O come to the heart most pure!
To Mary, our hope of life,
In whom salvation is sure.

O Lady of Fatima, hail!
Immaculate Mother of grace;
O, pray for us, help us today,
Thou hope of the human race!

Immaculate Heart! we kneel
To consecrate all to thee:
The present, its pain and joy
The future, all it may be.

The sun at thy royal word
Spun round like a splendid toy;
The rose petals showering down
Proclaimed thee cause of our joy.

The Rosary, white and gold,
We take from thy Virgin hand;
A pledge of the power of God
To heal and strengthen our land.

O Mother of Sorrows, hail!
We mourn for our evil done;
O soften our selfish hearts,
And lead us back to thy Son.

O Purest of creatures 

O purest of creatures! sweet Mother, sweet Maid;
The one spotless womb wherein Jesus was laid.
Dark night hath come down on us, Mother, and we
Look out for thy shining, sweet Star of the Sea.

Ave. Ave, Ave Maria
Ave. Ave, Ave Maria

2 Earth gave Him one lodging; ’twas deep in thy breast,
And God found a home where the sinner finds rest;
His home and His hiding-place, both were in thee;
He was won by thy shining, sweet Star of the Sea.

Hail, Queen of Heaven.

Hail, Queen of Heaven, the ocean Star,
Guide of the wanderer here below,
Thrown on life's surge, we claim thy care:
Save us from peril and from woe.
Mother of Christ, star of the sea,
Pray for the wanderer, pray for me.

O gentle, chaste and spotless Maid,
From sin's domain God kept thee free,
Plead with thy Son, for He has paid
The price of our iniquity.
Virgin most pure, star of the sea,
Pray for the sinner, pray for me.

I'll Sing a Hymn to Mary

I'll sing a hymn to Mary,
The Mother of my God,
The Virgin of all virgins,
Of David's royal blood.
O teach me, holy Mary,
A loving song to frame,
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
To love and bless thy name.

O Lily of the Valley,
O Mystic Rose, what tree,
Or flower, e'en the fairest,
Is half so fair as thee?
O let me, tho' so lowly
Recite my Mother's fame.
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
I'll love and bless thy name.

On this day, O beautiful Mother,

On this day, O beautiful Mother,
On this day we give thee our love.
Near the, Madonna, fondly we hover,
Trusting thy gentle care to prove.

On this day we ask to share,
Dearest Mother, thy sweet care;
Aid us ere our feet astray
Waner from thy guiding way.

On this day, O beautiful Mother,
On this day we give thee our love.
Near the, Madonna, fondly we hover,
Trusting thy gentle care to prove.

Queen of angels, deign to hear
Lisping children's humble prayer;
Young hearts gain, O virgin pure,
Sweetly to thyself allure.

Holy Queen we bend before thee,

Holy Queen we bend before thee,
Queen of purity divine,
Make us love thee, we implore thee
Make us truly to be thine.

Teach O teach us, Holy Mother,
How to conquer every sin,
How to love and help each other
How the prize of life to win.

Thou to whom a child was given,
Greater than the sons of men
Coming down from highest heaven
To create the world again.

Mother dear, O pray for me!

Mother dear, O pray for me!
Whilst far from heav'n and thee.
I wander in a fragile bark,
O'er life's tempestuous sea.
O Virgin Mother, from thy throne,
So bright in bliss above.
Protect thy child and cheer my path
With thy sweet smile of love.

Mother dear, remember me!
And never cease thy care,
'Till in heaven eternally,
Thy love and bliss I share.

Mother dear, O pray for me!
Should pleasure's siren lay.
E'er tempt thy child to wander far
From Virtue's path away.
When thorns beset life's devious way,
And darkling waters flow.
Then Mary aid thy weeping child,
Thyself a mother show.

I hear the bells of Mary’s Ave ringing

I hear the bells of Mary’s Ave ringing
Joy to my heart, like angel voices singing
Calling to prayer with echoes from afar
Ave Maria, Ave Maria

O Gabriel, sent down from heaven’s bright glory
To tell to men this true and wondrous story
I join with thee to praise God’s brightest star
Ave Maria, Ave Maria!

O Queen assumed, star crowned in God’s celestial light
May thy sweet name be on my lips in death’s dark night
Guide me to Heaven, O radiant Morning Star
Ave Maria, Ave Maria

Mary, dearest Mother

Mary, dearest Mother,
From thy heavenly height,
Look on us, thy children,
Lost in earth's dark night.

Oh! we pray thee, loved Mary,
Mary, fondly we entreat,
Guide us to our Sweet Saviour,
And leave us at His feet.
Mary shield us from danger,
Keep our souls from sin,
Help thy exiled children,
Heaven at last to win.

Mother of our Saviour,
Hear our pleading pray'r;
Take us 'neath thy mantle,
Hide, oh, hide us there!

O Mother Blest, Whom God Bestows

O Mother blest, whom God bestows
On sinners and on just,
What joy, what hope thou givest those
Who in thy mercy trust.

Most holy Mary at thy feet
Thy children bend a suppliant knee
Dear Mother of my God
Do thou remember me

Remember, Mary virgin fair
It never yet was told
That he who humbly sought  they care
Departed unconsoled

Mary is our Queen, O sing to her

Mary is our queen, O sing to her
Mary is our mother, trust in her
Mary is the star that shine at night
Guiding us to Jesus our true light

Mary is the creature of our race
whom the Holy Spirit filled with grace
To become the mother of our Lord
To God whom she adores
Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria

Hail,  heav’n Queen

Hail, Heav’n Queen ,
Hail shinning ocean star!
O be our guide
Diffuse they beams afar
hail, Mother of God
Above all virgin blessed
Hail. happy gate
Of heaven's eternal rest

Hail, Shinning ocean Star
Hail , heavenly Queen
O, be our guide
To endless joys unseen
O, be our guide,
To endless joys unseen

Hail, full of grace
With Gabriel we repeat
Thee, queen of heaven
From him we learn to greet
Then give us peace
Which heaven alone can give
And dead through Eve
Through Mary let us live

Jesus My Lord, My God, My All

Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all!
How can I love Thee as I ought?
And how revere this wondrous gift,
So far surpassing hope or thought?

Sweet Sacrament, we Thee adore!
Oh, make us love Thee more and more.
Oh, make us love Thee more and more.

Had I but Mary's sinless heart
To love Thee with, my dearest King,
Oh, with what bursts of fervent praise,
Thy goodness, Jesus, would I sing!

Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning

Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning
Chosen before the creation began,
Destined to bring, through the light of your dawning
Conquest of Satan and rescue to men.

Bend from your throne at the voice of our crying.
Look to this earth where your footsteps have trod.
Stretch out your arms to us, living and dying,
Mary Immaculate, Mother of God.

We, sinners, honor your sinless perfection;
Fallen and weak, for God’s mercy we plead.
Grant us the shield of your mighty protection
Measure your aid by the depth of our need

We Long for God, O Virgin Mary

We Long for God, O Virgin Mary
Incline thine ear unto our prayers
We now implore thee, Mother of Mercy
O grant thy childrens' heart desire.

Bless us, O Bless us  Mother
List' to our cry of faith
We long for God, he is our Father
We long for God he is our King
We long for God, he is our Father
We long for God he is our King

We long for God, may all our dear ones
process his love in heart and have home
with daughters pure and sons courageous
all hearts on fire with love for him

Daily, daily sing to Mary Hymn

Daily, daily sing to Mary,
Sing, my soul, her praises due:
All her feasts, her actions honor
With the heart's devotion true.

Lost in wond'ring contemplation,
Be her majesty confessed:
Call her Mother, call her Virgin,
Happy Mother, Virgin blest.

She is mighty in her pleading,
Tender in her loving care;
Ever watchful, understanding,
All our sorrows she will share.

Advocate and loving mother,
Mediatrix of all grace:
Heaven's blessings she dispenses
On our sinful human race.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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