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The Diocese of Miri


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St Francis Xavier Church
(Jesuits, 1856)

Parish of the Way
North sydney Australia

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Daily Mass (Msian Time)

Weekdays 5.30am
Saturday 3.30pm sunset 
Sunday 8.30am

Divine Retreat Center

(Vincentian Missionary Priests)
Catholic Retreat & Healing Centre 
 Sydney, Australia 
Daily Mass (Msian Time)

Mon - Sun - 6.00 am 

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St JosephCamperdown

Daily Mass (Msian Time)

Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri : 6.00am, & 6.00pm
Thursday: 6.00am & 9.30pm
Saturday: 6.30am
 Divine Mercy Adoration 1.00pm Daily

 SunSet Vigil : 4.00pm & 9.30pm

Sunday: 7.30am
9.00am (Chinese/English

EWTN Daily Mass 

Live streaming today Mass

Daily Mass 8.00 pm (Msian Time)

The Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word celebrate Mass from the Our Lady of Angels Chapel in Irondale, AL. (LIVE DAILY)
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Catholic Mass TV

 Daily Mass

12.00 pm Mon-Sat on youtube
Sun -1200am

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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Weekdays & Sun 11.30am 

  * All times been adjusted to match your current location time setting.

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The validity of Viewing Mass Online

Although a broadcasted Mass is never a substitute for the obligation to assist/ attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, this site is  for those who would like to have access to Mass at Home every day. This Mass on Demand is used by Nursing homes and hospitals regularly worldwide. When someone is ill, frail, elderly or isolated by circumstance or distance, or simply based in a remote parish where the priest can only visit once every couple of months, these serve as an alternative way to listen to and watch daily Mass. Watching a televised Masses could serve as a form of spiritual devotion.

- abridged from the Pastoral Letter Catholic Bishops 12.03.2020

Sunday Live Stream Mass Services

Archdiocese of Kuching

Sunday - 8,00am English
            - 9.15 Mandarin
     - 10.30 BM

Archdiocese of Singapore

Sunday - 10.30am

You have worshiped God the Father The Son and The Holy Spirit. The Lord has invited us to this altar and  this great prayer has brought benefit to youself, the Church and to  the whole world.

Compiled by Ben Chang

New Sop Eff 01May2022 ... Watch here.

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