Pastoral visit to Long Unan, Tubau- 17th March 2018

Right Reverend Bishop Ng, Fr. John Chia and Fr. Sylvester Ngau pastoral visit to Tuah Rumah Alip Kulleh, Long Unan, Tubau on Saturday 17th March 2018 where they celebrated sunset mass at 26 doors Kenyah wooden longhouse built on 1st January 1988 replacing the old longhouse built in 1962 close to the river.  Around 240 parishioners participated in the sunset mass followed by a welcome dinner at the longhouse.  A chapel by the name Gereja Sancte Joseph, Long Unan was officiated by the late Reverend Fr. Anthony Wan on 21st March 1998.

On Sunday 18th March 2018 Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Sylvester Ngau celebrated morning mass at Gereja Santo Yusuf, Uma' Kenyah Long Bangan, Sungei Belaga in conjunction with the 26 years anniversary of the chapel built on 19th March 1992.  The words stamped on the church bell read "Diocese of Miri, TSITOURAS FOUNDRY PIRES AUBREY SAINT CLEMENT".  The chapel was packed approximately 350 parishioners inside and outside during the mass service.

The old longhouse of Uma' Kenyah Long Bangan was built in the early 1980s and was burnt down on 27th July 2004.

Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng blessed the new 5 blocks longhouse a 130 doors Uma' Kenyah Long Bangan where 70 doors are currently under construction.  This Longhouse is under the leadership of Maren Uma@ MU Martha Jangan.

After the blessing of Long Bangan at sites, the Bishop together with the leaders cut the cake to mark 26 years anniversary of Gereja Santo Yusuf, Long Bangan, Sungei Belaga followed by Kenyah welcome traditional dances, songs and presentation.

Photography and story by Dennis Ng
Story posted and edited by Ben Chang

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