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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Wisma St Joseph project comprises a new Cathedral. a Pastoral Center at it current location, Holy spirit chapel in Permyjaya, and the bishop's residence at Tanjong Lobang.
Note. the relocation of the Primary School is cancelled.

Our mission is "to build the Lord a house". As the people of God in the Diocese of Miri we are in need of a Cathedral, Pastoral Centre, a Church in Permyjaya and a house for our Bishop. Everyone in the diocese, men and women, boys and girls, young children and old people, rich and poor, handicapped, skilled - in other words no one is to be excluded - from participating in this wonderful task of "building the Lord's house"'. The buildings are to be an expression our our "cheerful generosity to the Lord", a gift to him out of our love for him, in return for the great mercy he has shown us in Jesus Christ, The gifts we make to the Lord are multiple, both spiritual and material. We build the Lord a house and with our prayers, fasting, works of mercy, time goods, money. The gift of love is inventive. Therefore, let each and everyone make the gift of love that he or she wants to give to accomplish this task

WISMA ST, JOSEPH has its own bank account at Public Bank Berhad Directed by Bishop, who demands accountability and transparency, the accounts will be published.

(1) Please write a cheque in favour of:

The Bishop of Miri - Wisma St Joseph
Public Bank account no.: 3199675833

(2) For Direct online Donations

Please make payment through your local bank to our Public Bank account and just notify us of your donations details. We will send you the receipt.

The Bishop of Miri- Wisma St Joseph
Public Bank Berhad - Pelita Branch
Lot 1254 Pelita Commercial
Jalan Cosmos
9800 Miri Sarawak
Account Number: 3199675833

"WISMA ST.JOSEPH" is a journey of faith!

WISMA ST. JOSEPH journey of faith, a prestigious enterprise, need everyone's involvement, both material and spiritual. We people in Sarawak know the power of "gotong -royong" and what it can accomplish in a short time, with a maximum amount of people.

The other part of  our mission is to "go out and make disciples of all the nations and baptize them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy spirit." Jesus assures us that when we do this he will be with us until the end of time, that is when all is accomplished. This aspect of evangelization we must never loose sight of. God wants "love, not sacrifice", he wants people, not their money.

Like a mountain that can only be moved spade by spade, we will cut up the various projects into smaller, sizable and affordable components. e.g one may not be able to pay for the benches in the church, but that same person wants and can afford to pay for one or tow benches. Thus all the little things become quickly a whole, and before we know it the whole project will be accomplished.

Within the next 5 years I and the Executive Board of WISMA ST. JOSEPH will lead the fundraising campaign. There will be request for simple donations during Mass on the 2nd Sunday of each month, distribution of envelops, selling of  T- shirts, organizing joggertons, request for monthly financial and spiritual pledges, fundraising dinners, request for contribution of materials etc

"Wisma St Joseph" is a fundraising campaign of the Catholic Church in Miri. Since St. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus, the efforts and activities of Wisma St Joseph are, like St Joseph, first of all aimed to foster Jesus's love and presence here in Miri. For he who gave his life for us does not so much need our sacrifice and  money, but most of all our commitment to love him no matter what the costs.

In naming the fundraising campaign wisma St Joseph, we want to express our confidence in the help and intercession of St Joseph, the patron saint of the Diocese of Miri

Prayer to St. Joseph the Worker

O glorious St. Joseph, you are obedient to the angel to take our Mother Mary as your wife and thus you are honored to become the head and master of the house and dwelling of the Holy Family in Nazareth. You were devoted to care for them in all their earthly needs.

We present to you Wisma St. Joseph and its journey of faith. Accompany us with your prayers on this mission of evangelization and construction to build the Lord a house in the Diocese of Miri. Intercede for us that our plans will advance and increase the kingdom and reign of your Son Jesus Christ in the life of the people within the Diocese of Miri. As we want to build the Lord a house, help us to never forget that the Lord dwells with a people of humble and contrite heart.

V. He made him the lord of His household.
R. And prince over all His possessions.

Let us pray.
O God, who in your ineffable
providence chose Saint Joseph to be
the spouse of your most Holy Mother,
grant that as we venerate him as our
protector on earth, we may deserve to
have him as our intercessor in heaven,
You Who live and reign for ever and ever.
R. Amen.

1. The project consists of
    .New St Joseph's Cathedral
    .New Church in Permyjaya
    .Refurbishing the Bishop's residence

2 List of facilities
  .Cathedral with capacity for 2000,
  .Day chapel, adoration room, gallery
  .Offices, meeting rooms, multi-purpose hall
  .Canteen. grotto, gift shop, garden
  .Priests' residence
  .Columbarium, funeral parlor
  .Basement Car park

VISION - St Joseph's Cathedral and its Pastoral Center are spiritually and physically the heart of the Catholic Diocese of  Miri. The Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese and gives witness to our Risen Lord who is present there to shepherd and nourish his people. The Pastoral Center enable the Lord's care to be made available to all people in Miri and the entire diocese.

VALUES-  The design of the Cathedral which prominently features wood, steel and concrete is based on St Joseph the carpenter and workman and on the role of the society of St. Joseph for foreign missions - the Mill Hill Missionaries - played in establishing the diocese, in order to emphasize the missionary aspect of the faith.

God Bless

Compiled by Ben Chang

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