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Eucharistic Meditation

Eucharistic Meditation


Come Visit Me In The Blessed Sacrament: Won't You, Please?


MY CHILD, you need not know much in order to please Me: only love Me dearly. Speak to Me as you would talk to your mother, if she had taken you in her arms. Have you no one to recommend to Me? Tell Me the names of your relations, of your friends: after each name add what you wish Me to do for them. Ask a great deal: I love generous hearts that forget themselves for others.

TELL Me about the poor whom you want to help, the sick whom you have seen suffer, the sinner whom you would convert, the persons who are alienated from you, and whose affections you wish to win back. For all recite a fervent prayer. Remind Me that I have promised to grant every prayer that comes from the heart; and surely the prayers are heartfelt which we say for those whom we love, and who love us.

HAVE you no favours to ask for yourself? Write, if you like, a long list of all your wishes - all the needs of your soul - and come and read it to Me. Tell Me simply how self-indulgent you are, how proud, how touchy. how selfish, how cowardly, how idle; ask Me to help you to improve. Poor child! Do not blush! There are in heaven many saints who had the same faults as you; they prayed to Me, and, little by little, they were cured.

DO not hesitate to ask for the goods of body and mind - for health, for memory, for success. I can give everything, and I always give when the gifts would make souls more holy. What do you want today, My child? Oh, if you knew how I long to do you good!

HAVE you no plans to interest you? Tell me about them. Do they concern your vocation? What do you think of? What would you like? Are you planning some pleasure for your mother for your family, for your guardian? What do you wish to do for them?

AND have you no thoughts of zeal for Me? Are you not anxious to do a little good for the souls of your friends, for those whom you love, and who, perhaps, forget Me? Tell Me who interests you, what motives urge you, what means you wish to take.

CONFIDE to Me your failures. I will show you the cause. Whom do you wish to see interested in your work? I am the master of all hearts, My child, and I lead them gently where I please. I will place about you those who are necessary to you; never fear!

HAVE you nothing to annoy you, My child, tell Me your annoyances with every detail. Who has pained you? Who has wounded your self-love? Who has treated you contemptuously? Tell Me all, and then say that you forgive and Forget; and I will give you My blessing.

DO you dread something painful? Is there in your soul a vague fear which seems unreasonable, and yet torments you? Trust fully in My providence. I am here, I see everything; I will not leave you.

ARE there about you friends who seem less kind than formerly, who neglect you through indifference or forgetfulness without your having consciously done anything to wound them? Pray for them, and I will restore them to you, if their companionship is good for you.

HAVE you no joys to tell Me? Why not confide to Me your pleasures? Tell Me what has happened since yesterday to console you, to make you look happy, to give you joy. An unexpected visit has done you good: a fear has been suddenly dispelled: you have met with unlooked-for success; you have received some mark of affection - a letter, a present; some trial has left you stronger than you supposed. All these things, My child, I obtained for you. Why are you not grateful? Why do you not say 'I thank you'? Gratitude draws benefits, and the benefactor loves to be reminded of his bounty.

HAVE you no promises to make Me? You know I read the very bottom of your heart. Men are deceived, but not God: be frank.

ARE you resolved to avoid that occasion of sin, to give up the object which leads you astray - not to read the book which excites your imagination, to withdraw your friendship from that person who is irreligious, and whose presence disturbs the peace of your soul? Will you go at once and be kind to that companion who annoyed you?

WELL, My child, go now and resume your daily work. Be silent, be honest, be patient, be charitable: and tomorrow bring Me a heart even more devoted and loving. Tomorrow I shall have new favours for you.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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