Misa Matahari Terbenam

Misa Matahari Terbenam

  What is a Sunset Mass?

The sunset Mass is a Mass held on a Saturday evening, or on an evening BEFORE the Holy Day of obligation that fulfills one’s obligation to go to Mass the next day. This concept has its roots in Judaism where the “day” begins at sunset the previous evening and progresses to the next sunset.

Canon law allows each diocese and bishop to determine the extent of this. Prior to the Laws of 1983, Masses were anticipated or guarded as exemptions for serious reasons, namely, THOSE  ASSOCIATES  WITH THE WORK OF LIFE, DOCTORS, NURSES, PHARMACY, etc. It is not intended for everyone and anyone (restaurant owners and employees, grocery store owners and employees, etc.)

However, the Canon Law 1983 now allows for unlimited use which is expected so that anyone and everyone can go either on Sunday or Holy Day itself, OR last night. Most dioceses do not allow Mass to be scheduled or kept before 4 or 5 pm (evening). In some places bishops have allowed 3:30 or 3 hours Mass (for hospitals and / or prisons) but the priest himself does not have the authority to determine the extent, only the Diocesan Bishop can do so

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