Jadual Harian Misa Miri

Jadual Harian Misa Miri

Jadual Harian Misa 


St Joseph's Katedral

Jalan Angsana, P.O. Box 37, 98007 Miri, Sarawak
Telephone: 085-421455, Fax: 085-420907

Lokasi Gereja Gereja dan Paroki

St Jospeh Cahedral
010 9164511  English Mass Book now
011 10748776 Mandarin Mass Book now
011 10748773  BM  Book now

Church of Mater Dei
011 10877320 Sunset Mass Book now 
011 10877320 English Mass  Book now 
011 10877326 Iban Mass Book now

Carmelite Chapel
011 10877325 Book now 

St Anthony Padua Tudan
011 10877322 Book now

St. Joseph's Katedral - Waktu Misa:

Isnin - Sabtu: 7:00 a.m. ( Inggeris)
Sabtu -          Sunset Mass 6.00pm (Inggeris)
Booking Now 010 9164511

Hari Ahad:   7.00am (Mandarin)  Book  Now   011 10748776             
                      9.00 a.m.(Mandarin- Live streaming   Book Now  011 10748776
                      11.00am BM  
live Streaming Book Now 011 10748776                                      
                      5:00 p.m.(English  - live Streaming )  Book Now  011 10748773

Holy Hour  -  Rabu mingguan diadakan semula pada 5hb Januari 2022 pada masa yang baru jam 8.00 malam di Katedral St. Joseph dan Gereja Mater Dei, Lutong.  Kita menggalakkan para  umat untuk datang dan luangkan sedikit masa dengan Tuhan dalam doa.

Di sekitar Paroki

Gereja St. Dominic & The Rosary

Taman Tuanku Miri

Waktu Misa - beriku t>>  Jadual Taman Tunku

Gereja  Mater Dei,

Lutong- [Jln Kpg Pasir}

Sabtu - 6.00 p.m (Sunset Misa Inggeris/BM)
Hari Ahad: 7:00 a.m (Inggeris)
                   9.00 am (Iban)
                   10.00 a.m.(Iban)
                   11.00am (Iban)
Book  Now -  011 10877320  (English Mass)
                       011 10877326 (Iban Mass)

Carmelite's Chapel

Jalan Brighton, Miri]
Ahad : 7.00 a.m ( Inggeris) 
            9.00 am (Inggeris)
Book now - 011 10877325
 Please take note that booking for Sunday Mass at Carmel is from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. 
     – 5.00 p.m. only.  A confirmation booking code will be sent after booking is confirmed.  Please show the booking code at the registration counter.  

St Anthony of Padua's Chapel,
Tudan phase-2

Ahad : 11.00am (BM)
             5:00pm (BM)
Booking Now - 011 10877322

Saints Peter & Paul Chapel, 

Kampong Nelayan Upper Kuala Bakam
Ahad : 5.00 p.m ( B. M'sia)
Booking contact nbr - N/A

Holy Rosary Chapel Piasau

5.00pm -BM every 1st Sunday of the month


Daily Mass is walk-in until the capacity of 100 is reached.

We appeal to all who have booked for mass to ensure that they do attend. If you are unable to come, please inform the contact person so that your seat can be assigned to another person.
Parishioners must be vaccinated with at least one dose of vaccine to attend Mass. Please Whatsapp or SMS us with the following details: Name, Mass Date & Time, Contact Number. You may book for a maximum of 4 persons only.
Please join us online for daily and weekend masses at our Diocese FB website or our YouTube channel.

Compiled by Ben Chang


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