Kedai bundle Holy Family

Kedai bundle Holy Family

The Thrift Shop is open

every Wednesday

from 9.00am -1.00pm

To all generous contributors,

Thank you for your continuous support and contributions. Since opening of the thrift shop we have received tremendous support from you. We have collected many varieties of used items such as household items, toys, furniture, stationery, baby products, etc.
Upon receiving these donated items, we would often clean and sort them out before distributing them to the poor and needy. We also organized charity sales whereby we sell some of the re-usable items at very low prices. This is to help those who are financially less capable so that they can afford to buy school uniforms, school shirts, children toys, baby products, furniture etc. 
Although the sales proceeds from these charitable events may seem insignificant to some, they have however contributed to the running of the centre. Thus we are truly grateful for your support and generosity.
During the process of sorting the donated items, we have often discovered some objects which are unusable. These include dysfunctional electrical items, torn clothing and shoes etc. In order to ease out the sorting task, we would appreciate if all contributors could pay attention to this matter.

Thank you very much
May God bless you and reward your kindness and generosity.

Compiled by Ben Chang

Selamat pulang ke Misa    Welcome back to Mass  

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