Cina Katolik Snr Citizen

Cina Katolik Snr Citizen


Chinese  Catholic Senior Citizens  


该集团的主要活动是提供社会和精神支持。 我们通过定期安排的活动来实现这一目标,这些活动可以培养老年人群体 。我们充分利用自己的多样性,并热情地参与教区活动。

“Wisdom is with aged men, with long life is understanding”
Job 12:12
The primary activities of the Group is to provide Social and Spiritual support.  We accomplish this through regularly scheduled activities that foster relationships within the senior community.  We embrace our diversity and are enthusiastic about participating in Parish activities to the extent we are able.

"My son, support your father in his old age,
do not grieve him during  his life.
Even if his mind should fail , show him sympathy,
do not despise him in your health and strength;
but kindness to a father shall not be forgotten
but will serve as reparation for your sins".
                                        Ecclesiasticus  3:14-16


Compiled by Ben Chang

Selamat pulang ke Misa    Welcome back to Mass  

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