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St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul

Members of the St Vincent de Paul Society St Joseph Miri branch came together and contributed money, foodstuffs and their time to prepare Gawai food rations for the blind, handicapped, single mothers and needy families who are living in difficult conditions in various parts of Miri.
The society deployed its members to arrange for boxes of food ration and household necessities to be delivered to a dozen families and individuals in the Tudan Squatter Resettlement Schemes, Krokop and Taman Tunku on Saturday.
This marks the start of charity projects at the ground level for the society here that was formed in the parish late last year.
Members of the society also took the opportunity during the visits to get to know the blind, the handicapped and the other needy families and to listen to their life stories.
It was also a chance for them to have a closer look at the living conditions of those who are suffering from physical afflictions and who are struggling daily against financial poverty.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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