Pastoral Visit to St Anthony Parish, Bintulu 1st - 2nd December 2018.

The missionary trip to St Anthony Parish, Bintulu on 1st December was the last pastoral visit for year 2018 in the diocese of Miri.  A total of 41 visits accomplished for the year reaching out to the 14 parishes serving the rural longhouses, kampungs, plantations and logging camps.

The 14 parishes under Diocese of Miri -
1. St Joseph Parish    Miri
2. St Dominic Parish  Taman Tunku
3. St Michael Parish  Batu Niah
4  Good Shepherd Parish  Marudi
5. Church of Holy Family  Lapok
6. Blessed Sacrament Parish  Long Lama
7. St Anthony Parish  Bintulu
8. St George Parish  Sebauh
9. St Peter Parish  Tatau
10. St Paul Parish  Long San
11. Holy Cross Parish  Asap
12. St Francis Xavier Parish  Belaga
13. St Edmund Parish Limbang
14. St Martin Parish  Lawas

On 1st December 2018 Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng celebrated sunset Mass at Gereja St Anthony, Bintulu.

The following day 2nd December 2018 His Lordship Bishop celebrated Sunday morning Mass at Gereja Stella Maris, Kidurong, Bintulu.

This pastoral visit also included site inspection on the preliminary ground leveling and filling earthworks at new Setiam  RC cemetry.

The complete journey by road to all the parishes driving Toyota 4- wheel accumulated tosome 15,000 kilometers distance traveled in 2018

Story and Photography by Dennis Ng

Sunset Mass Gereja St Anthony

St Anthony Rectory

Gereja Stella Marris Kidurong Bintulu

Children blessing Gereja St Anthony

Sunday Mass and children blessing at Gereja Stella Maris

Site inspection on the prelimary ground leveling and filling earthworks at nw Setiam cementry

Compiled by Ben Chang

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