Pastoral visit to Lapok 13-14 October 2018

Pastoral visit to Church of Holy Family Lapok
13-14th October 2018

The journey by road from Miri to Gereja Tubuh dan Darah Kristus, Bakong registered 69.3 km and another 35.3 km to the Father's House at the Church of Holy Family Parish, Lapok.  Total return journey recorded 209.9 km.

On Saturday 13th October 2018, Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng blessed and commissioned the newly constructed church bell tower prior to the sunset Mass at Gereja Tubuh dan Darah Kristus, Bakong.  Afterwhich, his Lordship Bishop, Fr. Andy Lee, Fr. Arokia Paulraj and Fr. Alex Anantharaj celebrated sunset Mass with some 230 parishioners. 50 candidates, mostly students received the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Mass.

After the Mass,to mark this joyful event, the community entertained the Bishop and the parish priests with traditional performance, dances, choir singing and presentation of certificates award to the Confirmants by Fr. Andy Lee.

Next morning 14th October 2018, His Lordship Bishop, Fr. Andy Lee and Fr. Alex Anantharaj celebrated Sunday morning Mass at

Gereja Yesus Tuhan, Lapok with some 300 parishioners.  His Lordship Bishop administered Sacrament of Confirmation to another 50 candidates, majority  mostly students.

The Church of Holy Family Parish under Fr. Andy Lee serves 60 longhouses, camps in Lapok area for Kenyah, Kayan, Iban, Berawan communities and another 20 longhouses majority Ibans in Bakong area.
The church was renovated and blessed  on 18th October 2015 by Bishop Richard Ng. Since then much had taken place. The 14 pictures of the station of the cross inside  in Gereja Yesus Tuhan, Lapok was drawn and painted by artist Fr. Christu Kollabathina when he was serving in Church of Holy Family Parish, Lapok. He is now serving St Edmund Parish, Limbang.

Photography and story by Dennis Ng
Edited and compiled by BenChang

Blessing and commissioning of newly constructed church tower bell
Gereja Tubuh dan Darah Kristus, Bakong 

Sunset Mass at Gereja Tubuh dan Darah Kristus Bakong

Entertainment at the New hall Next to Gereja Tubah dan Darah kristus

Gereja Yesus Tuhan Lapok

The Station of the Cross 14 pictures in Gereja Yesus Tuhan
drawn and painted by Fr Christus Kollabathina

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