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Solemn Profession of Sister Mary Alice - Carmelite 2018

       Venue :  Carmelite’s Chapel       
       Date    :  Saturday, 21st July, 2018          Time:  8.00 a.m.

Sister Mary Alice, a Bisaya from Limbang took her solemn  profession. She is third sibling in her family. She worked in Brunei and Miri as a sales personnel in a Supermaket before she decided to enter the Carmelite Monastry in 2015.

2016 - she took her simple vow

2018 - Took the Carmelite solemn profession

Tugas utama Karmelite

Tugus utama Sister Karmelite adalah berdoa. Doa adalah cara kaarmelite menjalankan penginjilan mereka, dan melalui doa, mereka menjangkaui seluruh dunia, gereja, mua-mudi, orang yang sakit dan yang tua; dan terutamanya para paderi. Mereka menyerahkan seluruh kehidupan mereka untuk melayani Tuhan melalui kehidupan berdoa, pengorbanan, berkerja keras dan kesenyapan.

Prayer is the Carmelite Nun's form of apostolate, and through it she reaches out to the world, the church, the young, the sick and elderly but most especially, to priests. They offer whole of their life to serve God through prayers, sacrifice, manual labour and silence.

Family members

Peringkat Pembentukan karmelite Sister

1. Entrance - Kemasukan ke Karmel
2. Postulant
3. Novice
4. Simple Profession
5. Solemn Profession

6 bulan hingga 1 tahun, pada masi ini, calon Sister akan mempelajari dan merasal kehidupan di dalam karmel.

Pada masa ini seorang Postulant akan menerima baji Karmelite (Habit), dan cakib Sister akan dipanggil Novice. Jangka masa sebgai Novice adalah 1 tahun.

Calon sister akan meneruskan peljarannya dalam mempelajari kehidupan  kerohanian Karmelite dan peraturan karmelite yang diturunkan oleh St Teresa dari Avila ( Santa yang mengubal kehidupan Discalced Karmelite.)

Perjanjian Sementara

Seorang novice akan melafazkan perjanjian untuk hidup suci,miskin dan taat untuk masa 3 tahun

Perjanjian kekal 
Menerima Veil Hitam, dan menjadi pengantin Kristus seumur hidup!

6 months to 1 year, during which the candidate learns and experiences the cloistered Carmelite life.

1 year, beginning with the reception of the traditional Carmelite habit; continuing training and formation in the spiritual life and Holy Rule of ST. Teresa of Avila.

Temporary Profession: 
3 years under the religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience

Perpetual Profession: (Solemn Profession)
Reception of the black veil. a bride of Christ forever!

Kehidupan Karmelite -The Daily life of a Carmelite Nun

4.30am      Rise
4.55am      Divine Office - lauds
                 One hour mental(personal) prayer
6.15am      Holy Mass followed by 15 min thanksgiving
                 Divine Office - Tierce
7.20am      Breakfast and time for working-
                 (cooking, washing, cleaning, baking, gardening etc)
10.55am    Divine office - Sexta
                 7 min examination of conscience
11.55am    Midday meal followed by Community washing
11.55am    Recreation
12.55pm    Siesta ( time to rest)
2.00pm      Divine Office - None
                  Followed by Spiritual reading
3.00pm      Visit to the Blessed Sacrament
4.40pm      Divine Office - Vespers
                  Second hour mental( personal) prayer
6.00pm      Evening meal followed by community washing
6.55pm      Night Recreation
7.55pm      Rosary, examination of conscience and
                  Divine Office - compline
9.30pm      Divine Office - Matin
                  Examination of conscience
10.30pm    Night Clapper, Bed time

Compiled by Ben Chang



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