Pastoral visit to Limbang Parish 9th - 10th June 2018.

Pastoral visit to Limbang Parish 9th - 10th June 2018.

The Pastoral Visit to Limbang Parish of about 691 km drive by road, forth and return. The  journey passes through  Brunei four times, entering and exiting and includes a 49 km rough hilly and  winding dusty gravel with pot holes road before reaching to our destination at Rumah Jimpong, a 80 doors Iban longhouse situated at Melaban, Medamit Limbang.

The visit covered site inspection on the proposed new Multi Purpose Hall cum Community Building to be built adjacent to the existing St Edmund Church. The project comprising a three stories building which includes a badminton hall to accommodate four  badminton courts, a stage and changing rooms.  There is also a proposed prayer meeting room, dinning room, religious articles shop and toilet facilities at ground floor.  The first floor consists of five classrooms with removable partitions for flexibility in case of a need for a bigger functional space.  There is also an office and toilet facilities on 1st floor.  The second floor consists of two rooms each complete with attached warden rooms and toilet facilities suitable as hostel or meetings.

The construction of the community hall commenced early 2018 and to-date the building has progressed to the 1st floor slab construction.

Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng accompanied by Fr. Sylvester Ding celebrated sunset mass at longhouse Rumah Jimpong, Melaban on Saturday 9th June 2018.

The next day Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Sylvester Ding celebrated Sunday morning 9am mass at St Martin Church, Lawas.  The visit concluded with a  site inspection on the construction progress of a Priest House in the compound of St Martin Church.

Story and Photography- Dennis Ng
compiled and edited by BenChang

Site inspection of Multi-Purpose Hall adjacent to St Edmund Church

Sunset Mass at Long House Rumah Jimpong, Melaban, Medamit

Bishop Richard Ng distributing Bible story books to the children of Ruman Jimpong, Melaban.
The children were so happy and start looking a the book upon received.

Rumah Jimpong event continues........

Sunday Mass at St Martin Church Lawas

Bon voyage........

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