Apai Bishop Richard Ng, bisi bejadi lalu merekat Tadika Santa Maria,- Bintulu

Kena hari Enam , 24hb Februari 2018, Apai Bishop Richard Ng, bisi bejadi lalu merekat Tadika Santa Maria, ba Rumah Penampak Kristus, Sungai Plan,  Bintulu.
Ngambika bala anak, disikap enggau pelajar ti manah, lalu belajar ka pasal pengarap, apai indai diperansang nganjong anak ke tadika kena nyukong kepala pelajar. Sister Mariam enggau kebesai agi bala Iban ke diau ba urong Sungai Plan, megai pengarap Katolik, lalu endang aroh sereta patut kita mega meri peluang bala anak belajar pasal pengarap Katolik.

Kena hari minggu 25hb Februari 2018, Apai Bishop Richard Ng, nguluka Misa dalam jako Cina ba Gereja St Anthony Bintulu, enggau Misa dalam jako Iban ba Rumah Penampak Kristus Sungai Plan.

             Rumah Penampak Kristus ,
             Jalan Tg. Kidurong  , RPR Sungai Plan ,
             Phase 5 , 97000 Bintulu .

Kitai tau batalipaun enggau kepala pengajar Sr.Marian Jimos ba nombor 014-5821425 tauka batalipaun ngagai

1. Mdm Charia Meringgai ba nombor 019-8394486.
2. Miss Florence Mona ba nombor 011-26836672
Semua sida tu diau ba Sg. Plan .

Pengawa Rejista 2019 deka diator ke bala nembiak ka ada kena Taun 2015 (4 taun) , 2014 (5 taun) enggau 2013 (6 taun)

On Saturday 24th February 2018, Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng blessed Tadika Santa Maria established at Rumah Penampak Kristus, Sungei Plan, Bintulu.

All parents residing in Sungei Plan area are encouraged to support the principal Sister Mariam and the teachers in providing good education background and religious teaching to their children.  There are many catholics majority Ibans living in Sungei Plan hence the need to pass on the catholic faith to their children.

On Sunday 25th February 2018,  The Bishop  celebrated Mass in Chinese at Gereja St Anthony, Bintulu and Mass in Iban at Rumah Penampak Kristus, Sungei Plan.

Sungei Plan is located in Tanjung Kidurong or simply known as Kidurong, a port town in Bintulu division in Sarawak, Malaysia. Kidurong functions as the main industrial core of the Bintulu area and is approximately 15minutes from the centre of Bintulu.

A fairly large squatter's community settle around the Sg. Plan area, which is roughly 3km  from the middle-class and prosperous neighbourhoods in the area. Most of the squatters came from rural areas in search of a better life in Bintulu.

Rumah Penampak Kristus,  Lot 583,S/Lot 480,
Jln. Tg.Kidurong,
 RPR Sungai Plan,Phase 5, 97000 Bintulu.

Contact Person in-charge 
1). Sr Marian Jimos.  H/P : 014-5821425.

Principal is Sister Marian Jimos

Registration can also be made  through our teachers :
1). Mdm. Charia Meringgai,  019-8394486. 
2). Ms.  Florence Mona,  0112-6836672
They are available and stay at Sg.  Plan itself.

The Tadika is opened  for soft opening and  Registration for 2019 intake.
For children born in 2015 ( 4 yrs),  2014 ( 5 yrs)  and 2013 ( 6 yrs).

Photograpy- Dennis Ng
Story by Dennis Ng

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