From The Bishop's Desk - Christmas Message 2017

Christmas message from Bishop Richard Ng

A blessed Christmas to all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Christmas is the favourite time of the year for Christians. There is joy and happiness as families are back together either in the longhouse or in the city to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to renew their bond and love for each other. There is much merry making, eating and drinking and children are most happy at this time of the year. This is truly a glorious and happy season. 

The reason for Christmas is Jesus. Christmas is the celebration of God’s great love for us.  God loves us so much that he sends his Son Jesus to become one of us in order to bring us back to him. Nobody could ever imagine that the Almighty God, the Creator of the universe can love his creatures so much and want to save them from sins at the cost of his only Son Jesus.

This God become man is what we call the Incarnation. It is a mystery because we cannot explain how the creator can become man, one of his creatures. But what is more important is that we do know the reason for the Incarnation. God becomes man because of love. He loves us, his creatures. He does not want to see us become slaves to sin and death. He wants to share his divine life with us so that we can become his children. God did this by sending us his Son Jesus whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.

While we humbly accept God’s love for us with grateful hearts unworthy though we may be, let us also share this same love and goodness with the people around us. May Christmas reminds us that love, peace, forgiveness and goodness will ultimately triumph over evil, violence, hatred and darkness, starting with ourselves.

God bless you and your family with a joyful and meaningful celebration.

Bishop Richard

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