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Pastoral visit to Tatau on 4th- 5th November 2017

 Pastoral visit to Tatau
by Most Rev. Bishop Richard Ng
 4th- 5th November 2017

Photography: Dennis Ng
Story by : Dennis Ng

Our Most Rev Bishop Richard Ng made a short  pastoral visit to two Iban longhouses to a 14 doors longhouse Rumah Geraman and 18 doors longhouse Rumah Mat Separai on on 4th and 5th November 2017. The journey by road Miri to Tatau recorded 270km one way.  There are estimated around 8000 catholics in Tatau Parish majority Ibans and Mamaloh.

The pioneers who evangelized the Ibans and  Mamaloh in Tatau parish since early 70s are Mill Hill priest Fr. Ben Engelbertink, the late Fr. Simon Sadasivan, Fr. Philip Empala and Fr. Peter Mering the current Tatau Parish priest. 

Tatau and Sebuah were sub district of Bintulu in 1983. Currently St Peter's Church Tatau is one of the eleven Roman Catholic parishes under the Diocese of Miri.


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That desiring to know what God has to say to you personally is the most important thing in the world. There are many who go through their whole life without ever wishing to know this and so remain ignorant of the things of God and who is God and what would He have them do; to their great detriment.
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