Pastoral visit to Apau Nyaring and Long San 13-14th May 2017

Pastoral visit to Apau Nyaring  and Long San 13th & 14th May 2017
by Most Rev. Bishop Richard Ng.

Local Parish Priest at Long San  is Fr, Joseph Ding.

Photography: Alvin Wong
Story compiled by Ben Chang

The Most Rev Bishop Richard celebrated sunset Mass at Apau Nyaring and visited the proposed site of the new Roman Catholic chapel accompanied by Fr Joseph Ding.

Apau Nyaring is located at the upper reaches of Ulu Tinjar and takes about six hours on 4×4 vehicles from Miri. Sungai Tinjar is located in Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

Apau Nyaring is a small Penan settlement surrounded by dense jungle in the upper reaches of the Tinjar river in northern Sarawak, and the Samling base camp is 37km away via logging road. Apau Nyaring was once occupied by the Semop Kenyah before they migrated downstream the Baram to be nearer to civilisation. The Penans in upper Tinjar still practise a semi-nomadic lifestyle and move from one location to another in search of food.

There  were about 40 Penan families from Long Liaw, Long Buken and Long Kerong, who moved to Apau Nyaring. The semi-nomadic existence of the Penans was reflected in the way their huts were built. Rice was hard to come by in the remote village near the jungle. The traditional food consisted largely of tapioca and wild boar.

The  next day  on 14th May the Bishop proceeded to Long San.
Long San is a Kenyah settlement in the Marudi division of Sarawak, Malaysia. Access is either by boat or a 4½ hour drive from Miri by 4WD vehicle along old logging roads. Most Rev Bishop Richard Ng celebrated sunset Mass and visited the proposed site of the new chapel.

Long San 14th May 2017

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