Pastoral Visit to Limbang and Lawas

We had the blessing of site for the new Lawas Church, St. Martin on 25/2.  The old church was demolished and we are in the process of putting up the new church, to be completed by the end of 2017.  Estimate cost is RM600,000. The building committee has raised around RM300,000.  They appeal for help in order to successful build the new church.   All donationcan be directed through the Bishop's office.
We also had mass in a timber camp in Lawas on 25/2 where most of the workers are from Indonesia and the Philippines.   It was the first time for them to be visited by a Bishop.
We blessed and opened a new chapel called St. Stephen in Kpg Rantau Kiran, in Ulu Madamit, Limbang on 26/2.

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