Mass for special People

Special people are God's gifts to us

The Church loves and appreciates the special people in our midst who are suffering from physical and mental limitations.
They are special gifts from God to us.
Bishop Richard Ng celebrated a special mass for special people at St Joseph Cathedral Miri this morning and expressed gratitude to God for the special people He had put in our midst.
He also extended blessings to them as well as thanks and blessings to their family members and those who care for them.
He called on the church as a family to lavish love and kindness and give support to all the special people and their families and those who care for those in need.
"We must appreciate the gifts of special people whom God has entrusted to us.
"Welcome them and their families and carers into the family of God which is the Church.
"As we prepare to welcome Christ in Christmas it is thus appropriate we the parish show our love for Him and His special people with this special mass," he said.
We pray that our special people, their families and those who care for them will continue to draw strength from God's grace to sustain them despite their daily sufferings and hardships. There were plentiful sharing of fellowship, food and drinks and Christmas gifts after the mass.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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