Pastoral visit to Marudi 2016

Pastoral visit to Rumah Damu , Marudi 8th October 2016

The challenging journey, is hilly, winding, muddy, slippery because of heavy rain, takes 91km from Miri to Rumah Damu, a 36 doors Iban longhouse situated at Sungei Muam, Marudi. Around 100+ parishioners participated in the Sunset Mass on Saturday 8th October, 2016 celebrated by Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Marudi Parish Priest Fr. Michael Sia.  Following day 9th October 2016, Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Michael Sia celebrated Sunday Morning Mass at Good Shepherd Church, Marudi. 61 candidates mainly students received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Around 450 parishioners participated in the mass service.


Catholic Mass Daily updated ... Watch here.

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