Profession of Sr.Marie Pauline of the Sacred Heart

Solemn Profession of Sr.Marie Pauline of the Sacred Heart, Oct 15
Total dedication to God by Sr Marie Pauline of the Sacred Heart.

Sister Marie Pauline today made her Solemn Profession at the Carmelite Chapel Miri in a celebration of faith that coincides with the 500th anniversary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila.

Bishop Richard Ng who presided over the ceremony, hailed the move by Sr Marie Pauline to dedicate her life entirely to serving God in prayers and personal sacrifices and meditation.There can be no greater wisdom or greater treasure than to give one's life entirely to God, he said."Give ourselves totally to Him and all other things will come to us.

Jesus is the source of the greatest wisdom. St Teresa of Avila realised this.That was why she gave up her life entirely to Him and to renew the church which in the 16th century was caught up in turmoil.Through her daily prayers and personal sacrifices, St Teresa of Avila managed to reform and transformed the church.Sister Marie Pauline today is following in that direction by willingly giving up her life to live for God in the Carmelite monastery.
We congratulate her for her wisdom in seeking the greatest treasure, treasure that lasts for eternity.We also thank her parents and her family for dedicating her to Almighty God," he said, pointing out that their act of sacrifice will bring them divine blessings.

Sr Marie Pauline entered the Carmel on March 5, 2011.She received the Holy Habit on 7th Sept 2011 and made her Simple Profession on 29th Sept 2012.

She hails from Long Urun in Belaga district not far from Sungai Asap where Fr Sylvester Ding is the parish priest.
Bishop Richard called on parents to offer their sons and daughters as priests and nuns to serve God's kingdom here on earth. He called on the young to emulate the example of Sr Marie and offer their life in total service to our Heavenly Father.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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