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Gereja katolik Miri
Puji ka Apai, ka Anak, ka Roh Kudus. Amin

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From the Bishop's Desk (read more....)

General Transfer of Priests    Appointments to Diocesan Commissions   Priestly Ordination of Deacons   Retirement of Priest  

Pastoral Visit to St Michael Parish, Batu Niah and Longhouse Rumah Belilie, Ulu Niah 26th - 27th September 2020. (read more...)

Saturday 26th September 2020 marked the first pastoral visit since Covid19 lockdown MCO movement control order 18th March 2020. The journey ...

Sunday Mass live streaming (read more...)

 Live Broadcast of Weekend Sunday Mass Cathedral Miri Diocese DAILY LIVE STREAM ONLINE MASS DISCONTINUED Please be informed that we will no...

Press Release from UNIFOR on the Opening of Churches on 20th June, 2020 (read more....)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. Press Release from Unit For Other Religions on the Opening of Churches on 20th June, 2020. - Bahasa Malaysia...

Mass on Demand
Australia (read more....)

And for those who would like to have access to Mass at Home every day, there is a Mass on Demand service from Church Resources through the ...

Mass schedule Live Streaming ...click here

Download Aplikasi mobile PERCUMA kami
Untuk sambungan langsung dengan kami di Diocese of Miri DOWNLOAD aplikasi percuma kami.