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Gereja katolik Miri
Puji ka Apai, ka Anak, ka Roh Kudus. Amin

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Diocese of Miri advisory on preventive measures to be taken at all Churches in response to the Wuhan virus outbreak with immediate effect (read more....)

1. Any person who is unwell or exhibits symptoms of flu is exempted from attending Masses.  2. Holy Communion is to be received only on...

Pastoral Visit to Church of the Holy Family, Lapok 27th - 29th December 2019 (read more...)

The last pastoral visit for the year 2019 was accomplished at Church of the Holy Family Parish, Lapok  27th - 29th December 2019. Celebrat...

Aplikasi PERCUMA download (read more...)

Download FREE Aplikasi baru Mobile.. Untuk sambungan langsung dengan kami di Diocese of Miri  DOWNLOAD  aplikasi p...

From Bishop's Desk Christmas Message 2019 (read more....)

Christmas message 2019 Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, Christmas is upon us! I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christm...

Diocese of Miri

Download Aplikasi mobile PERCUMA kami
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