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Diocese of Miri   - Gereja Katolik
Puji ka Apai, ka Anak, ka Roh Kudus. Amin

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Pastoral Visit to St Michael Parish, Batu Niah and Rumah Friddie Soel, sungei Engkeririn, Suai 28th - 29th September 2019 (read more....)

St Michael Parish, Batu Niah is 53 years old first established in 1966.  The parish now serves 67 longhouses and plantations all come under ...

Pastoral Visit to Church of Holy Family Parish, Lapok and Kampung Long Jegan 21st - 22nd September 2019 (read more...)

The journey by road Miri to Church of Holy Family Parish, Lapok registered 106.5 km followed by another 33 km off road to Kampung Long Jegan...

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Cathedral Miri & Lutong
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