Pengetahuan Alkitab di Sekolah

Pengetahuan Alkitab di Sekolah

 Bible Knowledge in School

Lately it is estimated that only 700 candidates sat for Bible Knowledge nationwide out of several hundred thousand sitting for SPM. The numbers are increasing but awareness over this subject is still very low. Worst still, in spite of a lot of persuasions students are still shying away from this subject of  the fear that they might not 'score' in this paper and it would affect their overall results. This is a misplaced fear, because if they are disciplined in following the lessons and study consistently, there is no reason for anyone to fail or do badly in Bible Knowledge. Will parents and teachers rally round and show support for this all important study of God and his Word?

Frequently asked questions by students regarding SPM Bible Knowledge

Q. What is required for the candidate?

A.  Since the main aim of this course of study is to acquire knowledge and understanding of the Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ and the Growth of the Early Church, candidates will be expected to:recall and select factual information describe, explain, relate and compare events and teaching in an organized manner describe and show an understanding of the role and importance of special people appreciate the Christian response to moral issue.

Q. What about textbooks? Where can I get them?

 A. There are two basic textbooks, one for the Gospel according to St Luke and one for the Acts of the Apostles. These books may be obtained from your Bible Knowledge teacher when you make an Order. The accepted standard texts are 'A Study Guide to the Gospel of  Luke' and 'A Study Guide to the Acts of the Apostles'. Candidates will not be penalized if they use other versions of the text in their answers.

Q. Where and When can I register as a candidate?

A. In your school, when you register for your other subjects. The registration is around February or March, when you are in Form Four. The official registration will take place when the student is in form Five and payment is made to the 'Lembaga Peperiksaan'. The procedure for enrolling for the class for Bible Knowledge may vary from school to school. However, for Miri Parish, private tuition will be given at the at   St Joseph Kindergarten,  St Joseph's Primary School and St Joseph's Secondary School. Please refer to the church notice board  regarding the commencement and time table for Bible Knowledge for current year.

Q. My Child is in Form One, Where Can he learn Bible Knowledge as a subject?

A. Although Bible Knowledge is not a examinable subject at the lower secondary level, this subject is offered  and the Gospel of Mark will be covered. If time permits, selected texts of the Old Testament will  be covered. In Form Two, the students will go on to St Luke and this will help them to better understand the Gospel at SPM level. Again, do watch out for announcement regarding the enrolment of these classes in December, before the school year begins.

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