Live Broadcast of Weekend & Weekday Mass

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Mass Schedule

7.00am – Daily Mass in BM (Everyday)
3.00pm – Divine Mercy Prayer in BM (EveryDay)

Sunday Mass:
7.00pm – Chinese Sunset Mass (Saturday)
8.00am – English / BM Mass
10.30am – Iban Mass

Station of the Cross (Every Friday)
12.00pm (Chinese) + Chinese Daily Mass
6.00pm (English / BM)

Holy Hour (Every Wednesday) at 7.30pm

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07.00 pagi – Missa Kudus Harian (Setiap Hari)
03.00 petang – Doa Kerahiman Ilahi (Setiap Hari)

Missa Hari Minggu:
07.00 malam – Missa Sunset dalam bahasa Cina (hari Sabtu)
08.00 pagi – Missa dalam bahasa English / BM
10.30 pagi – Missa dalam bahasa Iban

Jalan Salib (Setiap Hari Jumaat)
12.00 tgh (dalam bahasa Cina) + Missa Kudus Harian (Cina)
06.00 petang (dalam bahasa English / BM)

Holy Hour (Setiap Hari Rabu) jam 07.30 malam

New Sop Eff 01May2022 ... Watch here.

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