Pastoral Visit to Church of the Holy Family, Lapok 27th - 29th December 2019

The last pastoral visit for the year 2019 was accomplished at Church of the Holy Family Parish, Lapok  27th - 29th December 2019.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Gereja St Peter and their settlement relocation from Belaga, Tua Kampung Clement Balan and the community welcomed Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Andy Lee to a grand traditional "Selamat Datang" to Long Dunin, Tinjar, Baram a 34-door Kenyah longhouse majority Catholics on 27th December.

Gereja St Peter, Long Dunin was officiated and blessed on 25th September 1994 by " WAKIL APOSTOLIK YANG MULIA DCL USKUP AGUNG LUIGI BRESSAN, DD & USKUP ANTHONY LEE KOK HIN DD".

The journey by road Miri to Lapok parish registered 110 km extending another 50 km offroad to Long Aya before taking a 30 mins boat ride upriver Tinjar, Baram to Long Dunin one night stay at the longhouse.

Next morning 28th December, Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Andy Lee celebrated morning Mass at Gereja St Peter with some 180 parishioners before returning to Lapok where Bishop and Fr. Alex Anantharaj celebrated sunset Mass at Rumah Sporran an Iban longhouse situated 12 km from Lapok parish house.

On Sunday 29th December, Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng,  Fr. Andy Lee and Fr. Anthony Dass celebrated Mass "Feast of the Holy Family" at Gereja Yesus Tuhan, Lapok.  After the Mass the three celebrants together with the parish council chairlady Elizabeth Nyala cut the anniversary cake followed by God's Choice lunch reception and Christmas stage performance at the newly constructed multi purpose hall opposite the main entrance Gereja Yesus Tuhan, Lapok.
The pastoral visits for the year 2019 recorded total 13,387.4 km travel by road not counting travel by boat, flight and jungle walk.

Long Dunin, Tinjar, Baram

Gereja St Peter, Long Dunin

Mass at Gereja St Peter, Long Dunin

Performance and Presentation at Long Dunin

Travel by boat Tinjar River Long Aya to Long Dunin

Sunset Mass at Rumah Sporran, Lapok

Church of the Holy Family Parish, Lapok celebrating Happy Feast of the Holy Family at Gereja Yesus Tuhan, Lapok

Christmas stage performance and anniversary lunch reception at the new multi purpose hall

Gereja Yesus Tuhan, Lapok

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