Pastoral Visit to St Paul Parish, Long San, Long Anap and Long Julan Pelutan 26th - 28th October 2019

Right Reverend Bishop  Richard Ng and Fr. Joseph Ding celebrated Mass on 27th October 2019 Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C where 50 candidates received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Gereja St Paul, Long San.

The pastoral mission also reached out to Gereja St John, Kampong Lepo' Sawa Long Anap and Long Julan Pelutan including Pelutan Camp (Samling).

Long Anap was founded in 1930+ originally with 32 doors. The whole longhouse converted to Roman Catholic in 1949. Today the polulation of Long  Anap is around 500.
Long Anap actually divided into two groups around 1976. One group with about 400 people, also all Catholics moved to Long Sebatang now known as Long Tebanyi while the other group stayed on at Long Anap and an existing Balai Raya there was converted into a chapel in 2008 while those staying at Long Tebanyi built a very good chapel there.

Long Julan Pelutan longhouse in this present location is more than 60 years old. Originally settled in Julan river in early 1940s after several other places where they settled temporarily after the tribe over 1000 people moved in 1840s from the Usun Apau Platau to be able to meet with the white Rajahs and then moved to Long Matong in the 1970s and settling down after they last moved in the 1980s to Long Julan, rebuilt after run down fire in 1985. Current population of Long Julan is about 700+ under Tua Kampung James Gau Mato.  Story of Long Julan Pelutan obtained from Lucas Kallang.

Pelutan Camp (Samling) has about 300+ Catholics in the camp, but all over the place, some staying where they work in the blocks.  Chapel was built with company's help in the 1980s.  At Christmas and other major celebrations, all will come back to join in the festivities.

The total returned journey to St Paul Parish recorded 850 km.

Kampong Lepo'Sawa Long Anap, Baram

Long Julan Pelutan

Long Anap

Pelutan Camp

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