Consecration of New St Philip's Church, Mulu on 10th October 2019

Project Brief
The new St Philip's Church, Mulu was built on a piece of land of around 3 acres just a stone throwaway from the existing church. Due to the exorbitant cost to build a church using conventional building materials arising  from geographical and logistical constraints, it was decided to construct the new Church using IBS or Industrial building system which is lighter, quicker and at lower costs.

The design of the New Church is based on conventional church design with a high pitch roof to the congregation Hall and a lower roof to the entrance porch with enclosed corridors to both wings and a sacristy, confessional room, a priest room with attached toilet/bath and two (2) store rooms at the back of the Church. The overall footprint of the church is 21.60m x 18m  and can accommodate around 400 Church goers.

The Church is completed with IBS metal cladding on the external, cemboard panels to internal, metal strips ceilings, ceramic floor tiling, timber lattice window panels, full electrical system complete with lighting arrestor, a standalone toilet block and a bell tower.

The construction of the Church started in late March 2019 with the joint efforts of gotong royong from the local Mulu community and skilled workers from Kuching, Miri and Limbang. It was completed in early August and awaiting for consecration on 10th October 2019. Encik Edward Nyipa, Chairman of the Mulu Parish Council was the key driver for the successful completion of the New Church and his role in co-ordinating and transportation of the raw materials and organisation of labour was instrumental in the completion of the Church in five (5) months.

A plaque in honour of the main sponsor for the new church was also constructed in front of the Church as appreciation to Mr Raymond Wee and Family of Kuching without whom the New Church would not have been able to be built. His generousity is deeply appreciated.

The consecration of the church was attended by nine (9) priests of the Miri Diorcese as support and thanksgiving for the new Church who also con-celebrate the Consecration Mass jointly with his Lordship, Bishop Richard Ng. A thanksgiving lunch was hosted by Mulu Community after the Consecration.

New Sop Eff 01May2022 ... Watch here.

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