Inaugural visit by Most Rev Bishop Richard Ng to Uma Nyalang 27th October 2018

The trip to Uma Nyalang took more than three hours from Miri by road with a stop over en route at  Holy Cross Parish, Belaga. There are 80 longhouses and camps under Holy Cross Parish, Asap serving the various Orang Ulu Kenyah, Kayan, Iban, Penan, Punan, Lahanan, Seping and Ukit.
The one way journey from Bishop's house in Miri to Holy Cross parish was 234.5km and another 18.4 km off the road drive to Uma Nyalang, Batu 6 Long  Koyan.

This was the first visit by a Bishop to Uma Nyalang whereby 28 out of the 32  doors longhouse are Catholics.
It was indeed a great honor for them to have a Bishop visiting them as they show their appreciation with traditional dances in the welcoming ceremony. The varies tribes all dressed up in their tradition costumes, very much different from each other.

Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Sylvester Ngau celebrated sunset Mass at Gereja John Paul II with the  230  kenyah parishioners. This chapel built for 280 capacity was previously blessed and declared open by Fr. Sylvester Ding on 26th December 2012.

The next day on Sunday 28th October 2018, some 450 parishioners participated in the morning Mass where His Lordship Bishop accompanied by Fr. Sylvester Ngau administered Sacrament of Confirmation to 90 candidates adults and students at Uma Balui Ukap, Sungei Asap a 90 doors Kayan longhouse.

Photography and story by Dennis Ng
Edited and compiled by Ben Chang

Arrival at  the father house at Holy Cross Parish en route

Welcome to Uma Nyalang, 32 Doors Kenyah Long House

Gereja St John Paul II and Sunset Mass at  Uma Nyalang

Altar of St John Paul  II's Chapel
made from a tree stump

Children Blessing after the Mass

Entertainment at Uma Nyalang and Cake cutting to commemorate the Bishop
first visit to the Long House

Presentation of gifts to the Bishop, Priest and Catechist

28th October - Uma Balui Ukap Sungei Asap
A 90 doors Kayan Long House.

Sunday Mass at Uma Balui Ukap

Confirmants - 90 students and adults

Children blessing after the Mass
Balui  Ukap

Confirmants Photos taken together with the Bishop.
Remember this day you received the Sacraments of Confirmation.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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