Pastoral visit to Sibuti, Bekenu - 10th March 2018

Saturday 10th March 2018 the Bishop of Miri, the Most Reverend Bishop Richard Ng visited Rumah Entebang and together with Reverend Fr. Liam Durrant celebrated sunset Mass at an Iban longhouse. This was  an old wooden longhouse which was built in the late 1940s under Tuai Rumah Empading Ak Lambor and had 62 doors. It was situated at Sungei Bakas, Sibuti, Bekenu about 63 km distance from Miri.

About 150 parishioners participated in the sunset Mass followed by welcome dinner at the longhouse.

The next day 11th March 2018 the Bishop and Fr. Liam Durrant celebrated Sunday morning Mass at the Townhall, Dewan Rumah Nawin Ak Lu, Kampung Penempatan, Bukit Peninjau, Sibuti.

Around 300 parishioners participated in the Mass service. The Chapel Gerija Indai Maria, Bukit Peninjau which was currently under renovation was just 800 meters away.

Photography - Dennis Ng
Story edited by Ben Chang

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