Pastoral visit to Marudi 2017

 Pastoral visit to Marudi
Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng
on 24th September 2017

The Bishop assisted by Reverend Fr Michael Sia celebrated Mass at Good Shepherd's Church and administered the Sacrament of confirmation to 60 students from SMK Marudi.

The journey one way from Miri to Marudi ferry point recorded about 55.6km. A challenging drive on rough winding roads full of pot holes almost two third of the way.

Marudi is situated on the northern bank of the Baram roughly 80 km from Miri.  It is a busy bazaar town whose traders supply most of Sarawak’s northern interior. Historically Marudi was also the  first catholic mission to the Baram area by the Mill Hill fathers. Originally,the Brooke administration had its headquarters there to keep an eye on the restive tribes of the Kenyahs, Kayans and Ibans.

Marudi was also the main transit town for our catholic Mission in Long San whereby in 1957 May 21 when Mother Rita Smith of  St Francis Sisters of Sarawak , Fr Harry Van Erp MHM, Fr Francis Hulsbosch MHM and Mother Margaret Sim made the first official visit to Long San with the intention of setting up a community there.

Later on 1958 Jan18 Mother Margaret Sim together with four other sisters arrived and settled in Long San.
Their duties were mainly involved in medical, social, catechetical and education apostolates. Mother Margaret and another Sister Winifred were then trained midwives and they worked in the Mission Hospital which catered for the Kenyahs, Kayans and other indigenous races in the interior of the Baram. For more complicated case, it was always referred to Marudi. Thus Marudi gained its importance till the government took over the running of the hospital in Long San in the sixties.

Photgraphy: Dennis Ng
Story compiled by: Ben Chang

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