8th Children camp 26.08.2017.

The 8th Children camp in Mandarin, organized by the Little Seedling's teachers was held on 26th August, last Saturday at Little Seedling Tuition Center. Theme: "A life of blessing to others". Opened to Primary 1 - 4 school children.
It was a whole day session from 7.30am to 4.30pm, with 3 teachings on love, life and family, where children learn what is the gift of life, and how to live a meaningful life, and finally how to share God's blessings to others.
There were also action songs, games, art craft, and the making of burgers which the children enjoyed very much. The day ended with a Prayer Wall, where children wrote the person's name whom they want it for, and stick it on the prayer wall.
Together with 55 children and 21 teachers, and young volunteers, we prayed as a family, asking God to bless the people whom we prayed. We thank and praise God for bringing us joy and love in this Children camp.

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