Catholic university-students cum lay missionaries visits to Miri 2016

Seven young men and women from  - FOCUS, USA (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) visited Miri  to learn of the  various activities around  Miri Diocese.
FOCUS sends out students to carry out mission works all over the world especially to Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Two came  from California, two from Alabama and one each from Washington state, Michigan and New Hempshire.
They came to experience and to learn of  the  missionary  works at various churches in Lapok and Miri parishes.
They visited numerous longhouses in ulu Baram and stayed with our priests in Lapok and observed the work of evangelisation carried out by our churches here in spreading the Good News.

This morning they visited the Human Life Service centre in Miri and together with the HLS volunteers led by Dorothy Kuek, together with   members of the Young Apostles and Curtin Catholic Students Society, the American youths took part in some voluntary works at the PIBAKAT Lutong centre for handicapped kids.

Later in the afternoon, the 24 youngsters attended a talk on life issues at the HLS centre.

Daniel Taylor from Michigan described their adventure here in Miri Diocese as educational and spiritually enriching.
"We have had a great time observing and learning from the mission activities and projects of evangelisation in the diocese here.We had talks and sharings and we are learning a lot about life in this part of the world and the Catholic church here in this part of Sarawak.We learn a great deal about issues on sanctity of life from the HLS. It is good to see active movement on the ground here to deal with the current challenges on life-related issues. It is heartening to see HLS and the youth and teenagers here very much involved in defending the sanctity of human life."

Compiled by Ben Chang

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