Rumah Corner, Semuro Bekenu

More than 300 parishioners welcomed his Lordship Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng, Monsignor Fr. Francis Kuleh and Fr. Robert Muyang to a first sunset mass service on Saturday 9th April 2016 in the 20 doors longhouse Rumah Corner, Semuro Bekenu.
Next day Sunday 10th April 2016 His Lordship Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Monsignor Fr. Francis Kuleh celebrated morning mass with more than 500 parishioners at St Michael Church, Batu Niah. The designed 200 capacity church was built in 1971 by the late Reverend Fr. Matthew Knapen who pioneered the project connecting the expatriates community working in Shell Lutong at that time coupled with some fundraising from Netherlands. The number of parishioners have increased more than 3 times with more than half sitting outside the church for Sunday mass service. The church built in 1971 and now with some extension is still too small for the congregation today.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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