Liturgical Music Workshop, Bintulu

140 participants took part in a 4-day 'Liturgical Music Workshop' that was held in Bintulu this year. Theme taken from Psalm 104:33 - "I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live". The workshop was organised by the Diocesan Liturgical Music Committee.
The sessions that were conducted consist of liturgy and music lessons. The workshop has served as a platform for choir groups to develop good singing skills to serve at mass. It helped instill a healthy understanding of their roles as choir and musicians. Furthermore, participants have a deeper appreciation towards the catholic liturgical music and liturgy.
The participants were from the various choir groups - Chinese, Iban, BM, Sunset and English masses, as well as groups from Tatau and Sebauh.
After three days of hardwork, the event ends with 'An Afternoon of Sacred Hymns and Music', and invited guest was Fr Michael Sia. Participants get to perform what they've learnt throughout the workshop and families and friends came to give their huge support. The event has encouraged stronger fellowship among the organisers, choir members, family and friends.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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