Easter Celebration at St Joseph's Cathedral 2015

The Easter message of hope and love.
There is a desperate need among the suffering humanity of today to hear some message of hope - and there is no better message than that of the hope and love brought forth by our Dear Lord Jesus in his resurrection on Easter.
Christ rising from the dead shows there is hope beyond all the sufferings that humanity has to undergo and we as the followers of Christ have a duty to spread this message of eternal hope to those in our midst who hunger for this Good News.
Bishop Richard during the Easter Vigil mass at St Joseph Cathedral reminded parishioners that they must be enthusiaistic in proclaiming and sharing their faith.
''There are so many people in society today who are suffering in one form or another, people who are in need in the material sense, those suffering physically, those in emotional pains, those who are lonely and those lost in life.
''Let us bring to them the Easter message of love and hope.
''Show kindness to them, give them our friendship and companionship and material help as much as we can.
''Help them to overcome their burdens and lessen their pains.
''As we rejoice in the resurrection of Christ, let us be enthusiaistic about our faith,'' he said.
It is especially when life is difficult, when God seems to be far away, that we must spread this Easter message to those who need to hear them, he said.



Compiled by Ben Chang

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