Pastoral visit to Kampung Logan Sibong and Kampung Long Ikang both under Blessed Sacrament Parish, Long Lama 24th - 25th August 2019

Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng together with Fr. Lazarus Swinie the Rector of Blessed Sacrament Parish celebrated sunset Mass on Saturday 24th August 2019 at Kampung Logan Sibong, Baram a small village 23-door Kenyah longhouse located 173 km away from Miri.  Kampung Logan Sibong can be reached from Long Lama in just one hour drive offroad 40 km/hour speed.

After sunset Mass at Logan Sibong, the pastoral team continued the journey to Kampung Long Ikang another 15 minutes drive offroad to destination.

Upon arrival at Kampung Long Ikang, Ketua Kaum Catharina Madang and the community performed traditional dances, music, songs and presentation to welcome Bishop his first visit to Kampung Long Ikang 74-door Kenyah longhouse 100% Catholics. According to the senior residents the wooden  longhouse was first built in the early 1950s.

Next morning 25th August 2019, thirty-nine adults received the Sacrament of Confirmation where His Lordship Bishop Richard Ng and Rector Fr. Lazarus Swinie celebrated Mass 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time at Gereja St Peter, Long Ikang.  The church was officiated by Datuk Stephen Timothy Wan Ulok and blessed by Reverend Fr. Anthony Wan on 28th November 1983.  The 36 years old wooden church can sit 400 pax inside.

The first visit by Bishop to Kampung Long Ikang also coincides with the ceremony to commemorate the completion of SARES project and lighting up of Kampung Long Ikang.  The entire village is SOLAR powered under SARES Sarawak Alternative Rural Electrification Scheme.

Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng blessed the solar control building and solar panels prior to the signing by YB Dennis Ngau Telang Usan Assemblyman to officiate the completion of the project.

Bishop and Fr. Lazarus also blessed the longhouse before the celebration began with presentation by Ketua Kaum Catharina Madang to the VIPs followed by lunch, performances, entertainment, music, dances and songs.

Kampung Logan Sibong

Sunset Mass at Kampung Logan Sibong

Group photo at Logan Sibong

Welcome at Kampung Long Ikang

Presentation and entertainment at Long Ikang

Kampung Long Ikang

Sunday Mass at Gereja St Peter, Long Ikang

Bishop administered Sacrament of Confirmation to 39 candidates at Gereja St Peter

Ceremony to officiate the completion of SARES project and lighting up of Kampung Long Ikang

Blessing of Solar control building, Solar panels and the longhouse

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