Pastoral visit to Good Shepherd, Marudi 12th May 2019

The Feast of the Good Shepherd and Vocation Sunday at Good Shepherd's Church, Marudi 12th May 2019.

On Saturday 11th May 2019 Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng,  Fr. Michael Sia Rector of Good Shepherd Parish, Marudi and Fr. Eugene Lee Redemptorist priest from Novena Church, Singapore celebrated sunset Mass at Rumah Steven Sator, Lubok Nibong, Baram with some 200 parishioners.

Rumah Steven Sator, Lubok Nibong a 13-door Iban longhouse 90% Catholics is situated 30 km away from Good Shepherd's Church, Marudi.

On Feast Day, GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY and Vocation Sunday 12th May 2019, His Lordship Bishop Richard Ng and Rector Fr. Michael Sia celebrated morning Mass at Good Shepherd's Church, Marudi with some 500 parishioners.  All the mothers also celebrated MOTHER'S DAY cutting the cake outside the church's main entrance.

After the Mass celebration, Fr. Michael Sia led the visitors to Marudi Mission Parish Exhibition at St James Rectory Hall, Marudi.

Quote from the exhibition a brief history of Good Shepherd's Church, Marudi -
"Although it is not possible for us to give any detailed account on the exact event related to the construction of this old wooden church building, we somehow have gathered that it was built by either Father H. Jansen or Father O'Brien in or after the year 1912.  Prior to this date, the pioneer priest, Father Unterberger has established the Mission here in Marudi in 1911.

As what has been told, this old wooden church was built on raised wooden floor of about four feet above the ground.  Some years later, this wooden floor was dismantled and replaced by concrete floor.  It was mentioned that the cost of cement to cover the entire floor of the church was paid by a devoted parishioner, the late Mr. Freddy Lease.

The lower sections of the surrounding walls were also replaced with concrete walls. The concrete wall at the entrance was raised to above five feet while the side walls were raised up to as high as the side roofs.

Above the entrance of this church was a choir floor, an open space wide enough to accomodate about thirty people.  It was about twelve feet high, with a steep staircase leading to it at the right corner inside tbe church.  This steep staircase was winding up over the only confessional box found in the church. The church bell was placed above this choir floor that was hung inside the small tower, where the Cross was fixed.  Originally, the Altar was placed right under the significantly designed local made Crucifix, where the Tabernacle was being kept.

The Tabernacle was formerly fixed to the left side wall, before it was kept on top of the old Altar.  The new concrete Altar which was made by Rev Brother Albert, was designed in such a way that the celebrant faces the congregations.  On both sides of the Altar were two rostrums or pulpits, from where the readings were read or where the Oratorian of the Mass stood.  This old church has two small rooms on both sides of the Altar, used as the dressing room for the priest or as an oratory.

The original roof of this old church was of thick zinc sheets which were replaced by belian shingles some years later.  The belian shingles were also replaced several times, as it was found leaking.  About ten years before the building was pulled down in 1980.  Zinc sheets were placed on top of these belian shingles until the building was pulled down on the 21st May 1990."

The exhibition also displayed a list of priests who had served in Good Shepherd's Church, Marudi.

1911    Fr. Unterberger and
             Fr. Jansen
1930    Msgnr. Dum and
             Fr. Feldbrugge
1933    Fr. Joseph
1945    Fr. P. Peetrs
1947    Fr. O'Brien
1948-1960  Fr. De Vries
1948    Fr. V. Ol Laar
1952-1967  Fr. Tolboom
1954    Fr. Michielson
1956    Fr  A. Schwabl
1957    Fr. Hecker and
             Fr. Vaneman
1960-1961  Fr.Wolbers
1961    Fr. Slowely
1962    Fr. Pichler
1963    Fr. Lonergan
1964-1965  Fr. Knapen
1969    Fr. Brentjens and
             Fr. Owen Grant
1971    Fr. McClorey and
             Fr. Vergeer
1974-1992  Fr. H. Platner
1978-1989  Fr. Francis Kulleh
1979-1989  Fr. Peter Mering
1980-1988  Fr. Anthony Wan
1987    Fr. Simon Chin
1989-2001  Fr. Philip Empalah
1991-1992  Fr. Guido
2001-2008  Fr. Philip Chua
2007    Fr. Johnny Ho
2008    Fr. Joseph Ding
2009    Fr. Robert Munyang
2010-2014   Fr. Damien Lalo
2014-2016   Fr. Basil Entili
2016-till today  Fr. Michael Sia

The journey by road Miri to the longhouse Rumah Steven Sator, Lubok Nibong recorded 95 km one way crossing the Baram River by ferry entering Marudi town.

Good Shepherd's Church, Marudi now is designed 400 pax capacity seated inside and additional 200 pax seated outside shaded front entrance.

Photography and Story by Bro. Dennis Ng

Sunset Mass at Long House Rumah Steven Sator, Lubok Nibong Baram. 

Presentation to Bishop and the Priests
by Tua Rumah Steven Sator

Group Photographs at Long House

Long House view Rumah Steven Sator, Lubok Nibong, Baram 

Feast of Good Shepherd and vocation Sunday
at Good Shepherd's Church, Marudi.


Mother's Day at Good Shepherd after Mass

Marudi Mission Exhibition at St James Rectory Hall

Priests who had served Good Shepherd Church over the years....

Lunch at a Parishioner House

Good Shepherd's Church Today

Compiled by Ben Chang

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