Pastoral Visit to St Paul Parish, Long San 30th - 31st March 2019.

The pastoral visit to Long Aton on Saturday 30th March 2019 took 5 hours to drive from Miri to destination registering 225.7 km with a short 15 mins break at Kem kilo10.  The rough offroad journey started from Lapok to Long Aton about 160 km 70% of the total distance one way.

Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Joseph Ding received a traditional dance and  music welcome on arrival at Long Aton, a Kenyah Lepo' Anan longhouse 100% Catholics.

The original 28-door 39-year old wooden longhouse was completely destroyed by a fire on 16th August 2017.

The longhouse which comes under the Telang Usan state constituency and Baram parliamentary area, is home to some 100 residents. However, many of them work in Miri or elsewhere.

His Lordship Bishop Richard Ng accompanied by Fr. Joseph Ding celebrated his first sunset Mass at St Paul chapel, Long Aton with some 130 parishioners.  The 300 capacity chapel was blessed and declared open on 8th June 2003.

Fr. Damien Lalo comes from Long Aton who is now in Rome studying Canon Law.  He was ordained on 2nd February 2010.

Prayer leader ketua sembayang Philip Kebing Katan mentioned Long Aton was the first longhouse in Tinjar, Baram converted to Christianity.

On Sunday 31st March 2019 the  journey continued with a 10 mins boat ride on Tinjar River from Long Aton to Long Nuah a 27-door Kenyah Lirong longhouse 85% Catholics.

Right Reverend Bishop Richard Ng and Fr. Joseph Ding celebrated Sunday Mass at St Anthony Chapel, Long Nuah with some 100 parishioners.

Long Nuah and Long Aton have access to reliable and renewable 24-hour electricity supply under SARES Sarawak Alternative Rural Electrification Scheme.  The SARES system can meet basic household electricity needs with lightings, fans, TV, freezer and cooker which were in the past powered through portable diesel generator sets.  With SARES in place, the communities take ownership of the system and do not have to pay for the electricity that they consume and are no longer wholly dependant on diesel gen-sets.

Long Nuah and Long Aton are two of the 8 remote Baram villages lighted up with renewable Solar energy.

There are 21 longhouses and camps under St Paul Parish, Long San.  The Rector is Fr. Joseph Ding who was ordained 25th January 2008.

Photography and story by Dennis Ng
Compiled  and uploaded by Ben Chang

Arrival Long Aton

St Paul Chapel and Long Aton temporary built Longhouse
after the original longhouse was burnt down
 in August 2017

Sunset Mass at St Paul Chapel Long Aton

Children Blessing at St Paul Chapel

Group Photo after Mass St Paul Chapel.

Entertainment and performance Long Aton

Background view of Dulit Range from Long Aton Longhouse Balcony

Arrival at long Nuah 10 mins Boat ride from Long Aton

St Anthony Chapel, Long Nuah and the Long house

Mass at St Anthony chapel, Long Nuah

Children Blessing at St Anthony Chapel Long Nuah

Group Photos at St Anthony Chapel Long Nuah

Performance and Presentation at Long Nuah

Long Nuah renewable energy

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