Pastoral Visit to Sebauh 22-23 April 2017

Pastoral Visit by Rt Most Rev. Bishop Richard Ng to Sebauh,
on 22nd April and 23rd April 2017

Parish Priest at Sebauh is Fr Basil Entili.

Sebauh is a sub-district of Bintulu Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Sebauh town is a main administrative and economy centre of Sebauh sub-district.

The population of Sebauh sub-district (year 2000 census) was 21,754. Sebauh is home to Iban, Chinese, Melanau, Malay and Ulu people. Most Ibans are scattered throughout rural areas of Sebauh, namely in Pandan, Labang, Tubau and Kakus. Orang Ulu people, such as Kenyah, Kayan, Tatau, Penan and Punan are more scattered throughout Sebauh Sub-District compared to Iban people. Most of them still live in rural areas like Kakus and Jelalong.The Pan-Borneo Highway did cut through Sebauh Sub-District. However, the road to Sebauh town branches out from this highway at around 30 km from Bintulu town, with another 25 km going inside from the junction.

People who wish to travel to upriver areas which are inaccessible by road such as Jelalong, Pandan, Labang, Kuala Kebulu and Bukit Balai, use ferry and boat services. River transport charges remain high in Sebauh District due to the long distance involved.

22April 2017 Saturday at Rumah Madel Bintulu.

23rd April 2017 - Mass at Gereja Katolik  St George's, Sebauh

Story compiled by Ben Chang

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