From the Bishop's Desk - Christmas Message

What is Christmas?

Most people will tell you it’s about love, peace and joy and family time together. Yes, the one word that sums up Christmas is love. Christmas comes about because of God’s greatest love for each of us.

Among all the religions in this world, the Christian faith is the only one that claims that God loves us so much that he became one of us. That is not all. God loves us so much that he became man through his Son Jesus to die for us so that we can be saved from our sins. This is the essence of the Christian faith.

At Christmas we mark the entry of Almighty God into our human history in the form of a poor and helpless infant. This is the mystery of the incarnation. The reason for this is simply because God loves us and even though we are sinners, we are precious in God’s eyes, in fact so precious and worthy of love that he is willing to exchange his Son for our salvation. 

Since we are so precious and worthy of love in God’s eyes, let us also see the people around us as precious and worthy of loving, caring, serving and forgiving. May we do these not just during the Christmas season but every day.

I wish each of you a blessed and glorious Christmas and a peaceful 2017! May the joy, peace and salvation that Jesus brings be yours forever. 

Bishop Richard

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