Belaga Parish News

This is our Catholic Church in Belaga-St. Francis Xavier. The community here looks after God's people from the Bakun dam to Punan Bah

This is inside our St. Francis Xavier Church in Belaga

This is a part of the Bakun dam which is said to be the size of Singapore. It is part of the parish and we have catholics living in the area.

"I was on this boat to Punan Bah yesterday with my catechists. This part of the upper Rejang river was a bit rough in some places. It took three hours to reach Punan Bah from Belaga town. Praise God ! We arrived safely

 Six persons went on this trip. RM 5OO.OO for petrol and boat/engines hire. Two days under the sun and one night in a house provided by a family in Punan Bah.Four-wheel drive slightly damaged on the Mejawah road. One day for recovering. Although it was started by a nonsense from some people who did not use their common sense thank God for giving me the oppurtunity to see my parishioners.Thank God also to Y.B. Liwan who gave me the five hundred ringgit for the trip. I did not ask. He gave it freely. So we saved Rm 500.00 from the parish coffer." ~Fr Sylvester Ding Ibau

This is one of the many villages below pekan Belaga. My parish is as big as the state of Johor. We have 9000 plus baptized catholics but 60 % have moved to the cities. It is a challenging ministry which we do with joy. If you are interested in helping us please contact me at 0128844355. Fr Sylvester Ding Ibau

I was posing with the Christian community of Kampung Tanjong Long Pawah yesterday , 15october 2014. Next to me were Y.B Liwan, Encik Nai the chief of the long house, and the head-pastor of the Sidang Injil Borneo in Belaga district.
Thanks to every one for their support in the recent problem with Christian-Muslim relationship in Belaga.The Chief Minister viewed it seriously by sending his representative in the person of Y.B. Liwan an assistant minister for Culture/Heritage and by taking other appropriate actions. Our Christian leaders did the same. Some came from as far as Limbang and Lawas. Hopefully, it is over and we can really move on in the true spirit of 1-Malaysia. _ Fr Sylvester Ding Ibau

New Sop Eff 01May2022 ... Watch here.

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