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10th May 2019


To all Priests and Parishioners
Due to the recent bombings of Catholic Churches in Sri Lanka, the Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police is worried about copycat attacks targeting Churches in Malaysia. As advised, here are some security measures for all the Churches to implement:
1. All Churches are to be pro-active and to form respective security and safety committee.
2. Where possible, station personnel—guards, wardens or volunteers—at the gates and entrances of the Church.
3. Parishioners are to avoid bringing backpacks or luggage bags to Mass. Please conduct a visual check on the bags.
4. Do not leave your bags unattended at any time.
5. All are to keep alert and report any suspicious individuals, unattended bags or packages to priest, wardens or security team on duty for further action.
6. If anyone is seen wearing bulky or thick jacket and/or appears suspicious, please ask questions and probe for information.
7. Should there be strong suspicion, please call the Police and do not allow them into the Church.

Please note that these are precautionary safety measures and do not relate to any actual threats against the Church. While we must be vigilant, there is no reason for fear or panic. We should never let fear rule us and prevent us from coming to Mass to worship the Lord.

With God’s blessing,
Bishop Richard Ng
Bishop of Miri

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