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To follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ

To follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

That is what bishop and priests are called to do everyday of their life.
Bishop Richard during the Chrism Mass at St Joseph's Cathedral reminded those in the vocation of the priesthood that their daily living must reflect the example set by our Dear Lord when he was on earth.
Christ in his daily life never failed to show mercy, compassion, kindness and unconditional love to all whom He encountered, and His loving heart have a special place for the poor, those rejected and marginalised by society, the blind, crippled, those afflicted by diseases and illnesses and also sinners.
Our Dear Lord was a man of action, not one who can only preach.

Priests must therefore be people of action and reach out to the needy in the parish under their care, said Bishop.
Bishop Richard asked parishioners to always remember the priests and bishop in their prayers.
''We are also humans and we have our weaknesses and limitations even though we try to do our best to be the shepherd that Christ asked of us.
''Forgive us for those times when we have failed, when we lost our temper or said hurtful things to you.
''Pray for us that we will have the strength and graces necessary for us to remain faithful and dedicated to our vocation,'' he urged Catholics in the diocese.

Bishop called on every priests and also lay people to emulate the example of Pope Francis, who despite being Pope for only two years, have already become an icon of humility, mercy, compassion and love through the way he lives his daily life.

Pope Francis is always willing to humble himself to the point that he will not hesitate to clean and kiss the feet of prisoners during Holy Thursday, spent time with the homeless and poor, embrace the severely deformed and live a simple life of humility everyday.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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