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How much salaries Catholic Priests earn

They are two types of priests in the Catholic church;

    The Religious Priest and
    The Diocesan Priest

These two kinds of priests have two similar vows, but one varying vow. The Religious Priest are priests that belong to an order of Priests like Jesuits Priests, Franciscan Priests, etc. The Religious Priests take a vow of Obedience, Chastity and Poverty. Poverty in the sense that they would not accumulate any wealth, inheritance, gifts and possessions of any kind for themselves. Anything they ever earn must be submitted to the Order they belong to as the order takes care of the needs of her Priests.

The Diocesan Priests on the other hand are priest that serves in a Parish under the jurisdictions and directions of the Bishop of a diocese. The Diocesan Priests like the Religious Priest takes a vow of Obedience and Chastity but they do not take the vow of Poverty. They are allowed to accept gifts, inheritance, and Salaries for themselves, if they come. Unlike the Religious priests, the Diocesan Priest have no communities or Order they submit their acquisitions to. Though they are expected to do some act of charity with what they possess especially for instance where they get excessive gifts and money.

The Diocesan Priests and the Religious Priests both get fringe benefits like housing, insurances, retirement plan, and for some Car. They both also in most countries are exempted from paying taxes, especially the Religious Priests (in recognition of their vow of poverty). The Diocesan Priest and the Religious Priest are paid stipend by the Parish their serve in, from the the Parish’s collections. The only variation is that the Diocesan Priests keep theirs for personal up-keeps because no one but them caters for that (i.e things like their clothings, etc) but the Religious Priests have no use of money for that, as they support their religious Order so the that in return, the Religious order will supply every bit of their wants and needs. And in the same note make providence not just for one Religious priest in a particular Order but all Priests in that Order.

Priest are also allowed to work for salary outside their Parishes but it must be with the Bishop’s approval. They are only allowed to work in accordance to their educations as Hospital Chaplain, School Administrators, etc

Compiled by Ben Chang

Source - http://catholicsay.com/the-how-much-salaries-catholic-priest/

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