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Holy Water

Holy Water is a POWERFUL sacramental in the Church. Water itself has many special qualities and spiritual attributes as it is referred to many, many times in the Gospels and Old Testament. Holy water REPRESENTS a 'cleansing of impurity' and other spiritual significances. It remits venial sin because of the blessing of a Priest sanctified by the Holy Church that is attached to it. It is a POWERFUL WEAPON AGAINST HELL - as is the NAME OF 'JESUS' and 'MARY' and the meditation of the Holy ROSARY. Great importance is placed on it's frequent use by the Church - especially when danger threatens such as fire, storms, sickness and other calamities. EVERY CATHOLIC SHOULD CULTIVATE the frequent use of holy water and NO CATHOLIC HOME SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT.

The devil HATES holy water because of its POWER OVER him. He cannot long abide in a place or near a person that is OFTEN SPRINKLED WITH THIS BLESSED WATER.

[ Reflections of Saint Teresa of Avila ] :

"From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight and prevent them from coming back again. They also flee from the cross, but return; so holy water must have great value. For my own part, whenever I take it, my soul feels a particular and most notable consolation.

"I often reflect on the great importance of everything ordained by the Church and it makes me very happy to find that those WORDS OF THE CHURCH are so powerful that they impart their power to the water and make it so very DIFFERENT from water which has NOT BEEN blessed."

"One night, too, about this time, I thought the devils were stifling me; and when the nuns had sprinkled a great deal of holy water about I saw a huge crowd of them running away as quickly as though they were about to fling themselves down a steep place."

"I will only describe something that happened to me one night of All Souls. I was in an oratory : I had said one nocturn and was repeating some very devotional prayers which follow it , they are extremely devotional: we have them in our office-book when actually the devil himself alighted on the book, to PREVENT ME from finishing the prayer. I made the sign of the Cross and he went away. I then began again and HE(devil) CAME BACK."

"I think I began that prayer three times and not until I had sprinkled some holy water on him could I finish it. At the same moment I saw several souls coming out of purgatory : their time there must have been nearly up and I thought that perhaps the devil was trying to impede their deliverance."

"Keep your soul beautifully pure in God's sight by making the Sign of the Cross carefully while saying, : "BY THIS HOLY WATER AND BY THY PRECIOUS BLOOD WASH AWAY ALL MY SINS."

Note : Please take note that Holy Water SHOULD NOT be mixed with other ordinary(clean or tap) water.

Compiled by Ben Chang

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